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I understand all the excitement and hoopla regarding the whole mobile site creation business; it has not passed me by that jumping on this bandwagon as soon as possible is of the utmost urgency - before this evaporates before my very eyes due to a lack of bold effort on my part.

But, what I cannot figure out, even armed with all the research I have done on this Forum (and for those of you who already know how to hit the ground running with this, my deepest apologies for being so dense and boring), is what do I do with the mobile sites I create for any potential clients?

Here's what I mean. Say, I contact a local plumber or locksmith who has a dire need of a quick order mobile site. Let's assume we come to terms, and I go ahead and create the site using some readily available software product and templates which can be found as a WSO quite easily. Suppose that the client is delighted with the result and hands over my fee without a hitch.

1. Do I then upload the completed mobile site to my server?

2. If so, how does it serve my client to have his mobile site on my server instead of his own? Or, doesn't it matter where the site is hosted?

3. But, what if the client turns out to be more possessive than I expected, and demands that the site he paid me good money for should be hosted on his own domain (e.g. How do I obtain FTP access to his URL?

4. Then, what part of his site do I upload the mobile site to? Will it go in the root directory, or somewhere else?

5. And, what will it be called in order for customers to access it with their smart phones? Is its name still or another variation?

6. I notice something called a redirect script mentioned over and over again. What is the best one of these to use, and where can it be found?

7. What the heck do I do with it once I find it?

To all who read this, especially to those who are generous enough to try to help me clear the cobwebs regarding these issues (which, I assume, exist only in my cluttered mind), my deepest apologies. I don't want to waste anyone's valuable time, but I am asking these questions here because I suspect there's no better place to get them answered.

Thanks for any help any one of you can provide.

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    If you create a mobile website for a client based on their existing website, then it should be placed on their own hosting (unless they specifically tell you otherwise)

    As to how you install the mobile version of the website on their hosting is up to you and your client.

    Some people will create a zip file and instructions for the client to follow. Some will do the installation for the client (so long as they are given a login).

    The location of mobile website doesn't really matter, so long as it is separate from the main website. In most cases, it will just be installed under a separate folder which will be the root for the mobile URL, eg:

    As for automatically redirecting mobile visitors to the mobile version of the website, it depends a little on what the main site has been created with as to the best solution.
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