Is ALT TEXT necessary? W3 Validator thinks so...

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I haven't set "alt text" for most images on my sites. But the W3 validator gives me many alt text errors... like it wants to see alt text even on obscure bullets, design elements.

How do you do it?

Should I just create "blank alt text", like?:

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    I guess you'll have to add some meaningful info in the ALT text to get the most bang from it. You can consider adding keywords, if appropriate. And it would then come up in image searches.
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    As said - obscure bullets and design elements are these 90 % of the cases... I can add "bullet" or don't know...
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    usually it's use for alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed, so the w3c validator gives you an alt text error
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    All images can be displayed. The problem of the W3 validator is that there is no alt text.

    I see WarriorForum also has
    blank alt text in the source code...
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    Use something relevant like alt="spacer" or alt="red bullet"

    The web is supposed to take people with disabilities into consideration. For that reason alt text is required for all images.


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    Yes it is very important because Google does not consider images. Google consider images with the Alt Text of that image.

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      It is very important to add the relevant "Alt tag" with the images. Google search engine is not able to crowl the images directly. To overcome that search engine crowler check for the image alt tag. Alt tag describe the image means that if your image is related to the magento then you can add "magento development" or relevant tag with image. In this way Search engine crowler index the image with the alt tag and that shows up in the search results.
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