Has anyone ever put a forum on their Wordpress site?

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I have a question regarding a particular software. I'm trying to put a forum on my Wordpress site. I currently have a work offer posted on the warriors for hire forum. So far I'm not having a lot of success with this project I started out trying to get a phpbb forum setup on my Wordpress site using WP-United this isn't working so far so I'm thinking of biting the bullet and paying the $250 for vBulliten and there apparently is a better (proven ) path to integrate this with Wordpress. So I'm just curious if anyone here has had any successful experience with doing something like this
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    I kind of doubt that anything would be easier to "integrate" (whatever that means) with a WP site... than WP's own BBPress > bbPress.org

    Simplemachine's forum script is also known to work well with WP.

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      Bbpress Is a straight forward plugin that is made by the same guys who build WP but is a bit lacking in features and functionality at least from what I see reading all the various reviews. Actually one of the first ones I started looking at was simple Press and the thing that caught my interest was a plugin that apparently connected your post to your Facebook. Well needless to say this sounded pretty cool. Anyway as I’ve continued to pursue this I’m thinking what I really want to use is either phpbb or if it can’t be avoided, vbulliten. I have put phpbb on another WP site that I have before but I didn’t know about any kind of “bridging” plugin so the link between the two was kind of ugly and clumsy. This time around I found this “WP-United” plugin which apparently simply doesn’t work at all despite the apparent success others have had with it. Of course probably it’s biggest failing is the fact that the source / support website is offline. Clicking any of the links to the source website gives you a Windows login box ( how weird is that.) so there is no support for the plugin. So unless someone here can offer their own personal experience with this stuff vBulliten is looking like it may end up being my only solution

      I suppose I could start with phpbb site and then see how easily it can be adapted to serve as a regular website that serves up regular content in much the same way a WP site does. Problem is WP does in fact do pretty much what I want a website to do the forum part of all this is really something I want to do in addition to my WP site
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    I agree that BBPress may not have too many bells and whistles... but questioning the "robustness" of it - when the WP support forum is using bbpress and has millions of posts and hundreds and hundreds of throusands registered users... sounds like an exaggeration

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      I totally agree Istavan...and bells and whistles isn't always a good thing. They always come back to bite you later on during updates and customizations. Simple still works!!
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    I also have forum on my site
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    Istvan is totally right bbpress is amazingly scalable - I went with Vbulletin because it is simple and clean and easy to bridge - forget the new version 5 it sucks use 4.2

    One of these days when my site is done I will really get into it - but so far I like all it offers.

    IPBoard is also a great board with a ton of features but getting too commercial - they wanted $500.00 to create a bridge and it appears that area is encoded to force you to use their services for the bridge.

    This connector with VBulletin and Wordpress I understand words amazingly well and it is $13.00

    vBulletin Connector

    My money I would bite the bullet and buy VBulletin - it is tried and proven!!
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    I suggest you should have a forum, choosing vbulletin or xenforo for best control and managing. I having a forum and earning good with it.
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    Buddypress is used by many large websites, as mentioned even the official WP Support forums use it. You can extend it pretty well, there are loads of plugins out there that can make it even better than what it already is out the box. It won't limit you that's for sure.
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    I used Simple Press (which is FREE) and haven't had a single problem since setting it up. That's with over a thousand members and many of them are active every single day.

    The best part is that it integrated directly with the WordPress site itself. So you could have your own theme, plugins, etc. setup and Simple Press could be in it's own tab where logged in users could access everything at one time.

    My suggestion: Simpleress

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      I like simple press and bbpress. I'm currently setting up another blog\forum with bbpress, and it's coming along great.
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