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Hi, I'm 15 and I was wanting to get into website flipping and I saw this site for sale: Viral SEO Marketing Site & Technology - WebsiteBroker - Buy and sell websites! and I was wondering if I should buy it because it seems too good to be true? Also what kind of site should I buy for my first purchase when I only have around $750 to work with?
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    As I saw then ranking, pr, page indexed is low. Also you need to have some anlytics before deciding to buy or not. It depends on you.
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      I just asked them to prove the traffic and income, we'll see what they provide!
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    well, just do some math:
    asking price: $395
    income per month : $2 200
    With reading just these lines - you should conclude that something is wrong there...
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    Your not buying a domain and site, the price is just for the site on whatever domain name you buy or have. The seller is planning on selling many of these if you read the entire listing.
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      If it seems too good to be true it definitely is.


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    You should look for another one.....really

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