What Video Editing Software Do You Use, and Why ?

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Hi folks,

just wanted some pointers on what "Video Editing" or production software that you're using, and why you chose to use it.

Or, maybe why you're thinking about changing to something else ?

Might help me (and others) make more informed and educated decisions ... I hope :-)

If this isn't the right place to post, please point me to the best area.

Thanks for any info :-)

Cheers - Cliff
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    Mostly use Adobe premier for Video editing and After Effects if need to edit some VFX in it, always prefer the adobe family most
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    It depends on the type of video you need and how far you need to go for the editing. For simple editing, I use iMovie or Final Cut Pro, which is for Mac. But for the more complex ones, I use Adobe Premiere.
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    Thanks, I thought Adobe may be the more comonly used - sort of "the standard".

    I've been using Sony Vegas Pro, latest, and it's driving me nuts.

    Trouble rendering .mp4 , and it may have something to do with some of the source files being .mp4 too. Vegas just crashes or stops responding.

    I've been using Vegas Pro for years, and like it for a few reasons.
    One reason is, you get comefortable with what you know :-)
    Another, I use a control surface - Vegas supports it.

    I have the whole Adobe "Master Collection", but never really got into using premier, simply because I haven't had to.

    Think I might bite the bullet and see what the learning curve is like for Premier-Pro, given the grief I'm having with Vegas.

    I just wish Adobe supported control surfaces.
    I do quite a lot in After Effects, and really miss using a control surface !.

    I guess Adobe and Sony are probably the main contenders for affordable video NLE then ?.

    Thanks - Cliff
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      Personally I am a faze of Camtasia for video editing.
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      I also use Vegas. I use it because it is light weight compared to the other ones. So I can get in and out faster, plus their interface to me is simpler and faster to work with.

      I'm using an older version though, 8 or 9. I do sometimes have problems with it crashing with larger videos. I normally fix it by either moving something in the timeline or by closing other programs. I've had the same problem of crashing with adobe premier, plus many other problems with premier.
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    I have been using Vegas Movie Studio 11 and just ordered version 12 (64bit)..

    Have not had any rendering problems so far with Vegas but must have a good video card and lots of memory to use it.
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    I have always used Adobe premier and After Effects for video editing, I have tried Camtasia but I could not get use to the tools.
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    Adobe premier and After Effects is what I use. I use to use Final cut and Combustion/Shake back in the day when they blew Adobe out of the water.

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    In the past I have used Premiere and Vegas. Lightworks (lwks.com) is also looking pretty good aswell.
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    I like Adobe the most but it's overkill sometimes. Most people can get by very well with Camtasia and Apple Screen flow. I'm starting to use HitFilm Express and might upgrade once I get use to.

    I prefer a more streamline user interface as I'm not a Hollywood director.
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    i use Powerpoint for make video explainer and i used Corel studio X7 for Editing video
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    I use Windows Movie Maker because it is a free tool and users can create videos by simple drag and drop.Video effects, video transitions, adding titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie these features are awesome.
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