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I creates these business logo designs for my clients but before deliver to them i want to ask you people about your expert views or to review these logo designs. Please share your suggestions with me if there is any problem in these logo designs.
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    2nd is my choice, simple but professional.
    Good job!
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    i think last one is best
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      I liked 'Holiday Logo'. It effectively conveys the message of business and designed brilliantly.
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    All 3 are a bit too complicated designed - too many objects used. Hard to use in a tiny version on official letter etc.

    But it is only my humble opinion
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    I prefer the second one the most, although I do agree with Auxi. They all look complicated and as though they would be hard to see/distinguish in a smaller icon, i.e. a letter head.

    - Nick
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    I agree with HostWind and Auxi. They seem over-complicated. Also, your gradients and font selection could use some work.
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    You specifically asked which logo is best? As an opinion question, number 3, the Holiday logo is best.

    A shared suggestion? Number 3, the Holiday logo needs to have the dancing people ditched. Why are clothed shadow people dancing on a wave? Those are generic PS shapes and do not go well on top of your wave.

    The logo is better off without the dancing people.

    Hope I helped
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    2nd all the way
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    I like the 2nd one too. It just simple and clean.
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    didn't liked to font used for 2nd logo, though i really liked the holidays Logo.

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    Hello friend, i like the first one. it look more professional than others.
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    I like the first and last logos. I don't believe they are two complicated. They look professional. The second logo seems too bland with the color scheme.
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