Does anyone know how this site is made??

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I am looking for a sales page script and found this one.

I checked its source codes and it surprised me that it doesn't have any external css/js file. All elements are in this single file except the images.

Does any know how to make this? Is there any tool or script?

really thanks for your help.
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    They are not using externall css.

    They have used "style="

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      That page looks nice, but it's coded really badly (HTML 4, lots of deprecated attributes, using tables for layout, inline styles, etc.). BTW, there is not any Javascript on that page.

      You'd be much better off using a modern sales page template that's coded in HTML5, that uses an external stylesheet (it's best to separate your markup from your styles). Using an external stylesheet won't make the page load any slower than if you use only inline styles. But it will simplify the code, and make it much easier to maintain.

      Google "HTML5 sales page templates" or "HTML5 landing page templates". There's tons of them out there.

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    Is the website you are talking about the offer that the link redirects too? I am a little confused. Please clarify.

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    In the website which you have mentioned they have not used any script and external css files. They have used only images and inline styles with html tags. The website doesn't have any script necessary so that they haven't used any scripts.

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    You're right John, they have use only images in their webdesign!

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    Looks like something you can do with optimizepress.
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