Best ways to find a good web designer?

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I have some projects about web design, although I can do it but will spend more time so I'm going to find some good web designer to share works ( of course, I can pay for that) but how to find a good web designer ?

Pls share any suggestions
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    Look for one on many of the will provide a design before they pay them anything..and there are many talented ones, you can check their portfolios.
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    Try checking out warriors for hire.
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    I am suggesting you that, you can find the web design companies and get the direct intract with the web designer and developer so that you can get their stuffs and you can have a look on their past works from that you can finalize the best service designers for your website.

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-

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    I would often advise against any freelance site. if you have the budget work with somebody who is local. eg google freelance web developer in "Place". I have found that when communication can't be had over a quick coffee, and meeting up in person is always never an option it's difficult to progress a project as efficiently as you would like. This is something people often refer to as "development costs" you save initially but after launch it becomes costly. Whoever you choose remember communication is a must, and you must be their number 1 priority!

    Hope that helps,

    Paul Andrew Southall
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    Webdesign is a terrific way to spicen up a website and make it look nice. But your definition of "nice" is what's really the question.

    Some web designers are experts, some are novice, and some are even bad as some can simply copy the content of another website and mark the project as completed.

    If you're looking for a phenomenally looking website and have the money to spend, check out web designers on Freelancer.

    However, my big recommendation is when searching for Freelancers, you definitely want to do three things.

    First, you need to read ALL reviews and take note of the kind of projects made, the prices and examine the amount of work that was inputted. Some even might include the address of the project's website. You will then be able to get a good idea of what kind of work may be rendered for you.

    Second, don't pick a Freelancer that has TOO many ratings, or that is too popular. Because from what I understand, if you pick a Freelancer with so many ratings, chances are they are super busy all the time and may not devote as much effort as you may anticipate for them to give your project.

    Lastly, check out their portfolio of all web design projects they've made. If they don't show their portfolio, ask for it. If they still don't show it, then look elsewhere. Period. You NEED to see what the work looks like, otherwise you're left with a mediocre looking website.

    So those are my guidelines to finding a successful web designer and I seriously wish you the best of luck. Hope this helps!
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    The way I would go is:
    Find a really good looking website that blows your mind and check the company that did it.
    If they are not to expensive ask them to show you the proposal idea before you pay them.
    The good ones won't be afraid to do so.

    why get cow when neighbor's cat is in heat?

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      Originally Posted by Jeromero View Post

      If they are not to expensive ask them to show you the proposal idea before you pay them. The good ones won't be afraid to do so.
      Good designer will NEVER give away free ideas without a deposit. In fact, most won't even take much time for ideas at all without a deposit. Also be prepared to give your budget up front --- and be prepared for them to pass if it's too low.

      I won't even talk to someone without getting a $100 deposit. Too many time-wasters. I'll give a ballpark for a project, and a few quick ideas (5 min. worth), but that's about it. I'm not your wife, mommy, friend, etc. If you want free brainstorming, ask them. When done, and you're ready to work, come to me.

      Sounds harsh to some, but that's reality.

      The freelance sites all flooded by foreigners. No offense, but they DO NOT understand the North American markets and consumers trends, in terms of what makes a good site. (No more than I understand India/etc.)
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    You can hire best web designer from Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - . In every webdesinger have his/her profile and work. You can check his/her work there. After checking wokl quality you can contact his/her. There are a lot of web designers waiting for freelancing job.
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    This is a question we get all the time. Find a great designer or developer web site is not easy. There are a lost of good people out there but they tend to be either too expensive.

    Get more traffic site, get more visitor on trafficeportonline.

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    You can try fiverr and see if any of them provide quality service. You may have to spend a few $5 to find the one but once you do they will be worth their weight in gold

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    A good portfolio speaks loud for a good designer, the problem is anybody can link someone portfolio and claimed like they own it, my suggestion is be prepared for a paid trials when choosing a designer.....
    Only the best for the best from the best.....
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    You can always find an awesome designer here on warrior forums. Check the "Warriors for Hire" I see a few great designers there

    Professional Designer with 8 years experience. I enjoy what I do! See for yourself.

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    i like to go to 1000 websites and then rank which from best to worst, then i contact the top of the list and see if they want to work with me. Many designers are busy but they will find time if they like you.
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  • There are lots of good people out there, but they tend to be either too expensive or already employed.

    Most web designers and engineers want to be paid, and if they're any good, they usually don't have trouble finding work. So you either have to pay them the market rate or risk having them start a job and then leave in the middle because they get a much better offer. This can be very disruptive.

    Please will you provide answer for the following

    What's your budget?
    What do you wish your design to convey?
    What's the main objective of your website?

    Professional looking Website Designs can represent a significant investment, so, before choosing any designer, you should do some research.
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    Originally Posted by yestyle View Post


    I have some projects about web design, although I can do it but will spend more time so I'm going to find some good web designer to share works ( of course, I can pay for that) but how to find a good web designer ?

    Pls share any suggestions
    Use a talent marketplace like the one that owns this forum i.e Freelancer, Elance etc.Alternatively, browse popular news websites like Reddit, Hacker News and reach out.
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        Odesk & elance are the best one. Another way is hire any professional creative designer who can help with your requirement.
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    If you are on budget, try to find someone on craigslist
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    try at oDesk ... that is the best marketplace for freelancers.

    Professional Blogger & SEO Consultant
    Tech Leaks

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    odesk,, craiglist if you are on low budget
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    I recommend you to find a freelancer on Upwork, Freelancer or ThemeForest.

    You can contact them and ask them for a personal job, you can also check out their work there and experience very fast.
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    Before hire any web designer, you may look the Portfolio which will help you find the quality of work.
    Also there are many websites like freelancer that is easy to find a good web designer.
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    Try to look over Behance or other similar services. They have a pretty good designers' portfolios and lots of sharing options.
    Signature - website builder reviews and comparisons.
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    Give your website a facelift by hiring top website designers. The right mix of technical mastery and creativity is required to help you build a visual-stunner - Openwave’s design team has it all! Having built countless websites over the years, their unique designs have won accolades from clients.
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    Here are some tips that can help in the selection process:
    Work experience.Try out a new developer with a small project first. Pick a developer with aptitude, not a particular skill set. Don't ask trivia questions about programming. Hire slow, fire fast.

    Here’s a quick list of places you can look to find your team:

    First, start by asking people you know for recommendations. Nothing beats getting a referral from someone you trust.
    Next, get out of your house and begin networking. There are dozens of events you can attend, and at each one, you’ll meet new people you can potentially work with.
    Put out the word on Facebook — your friends may know someone
    Put out the word on LinkedIn — also join the various groups for engineers, designers, and developers
    Craigslist — for local hires, this is a great place to advertise — is a good place for hiring freelancers both domestically and overseas
    Founder Dating — this is a great site if you want to find another founder who can join your team as a designer or engineer — is a fantastic resource. There are meetup groups for practically everything. For instance, I found a great Ruby on Rails Meetup at The East Bay Ruby Meetup Group (Berkeley, CA) - Meetup — which would connect me with hundreds of Ruby developers
    SDForum — is another great resource. It has special interest groups (SIGs) on a whole range of topics, and these are perfect places to meet designers and developers
    Rent a Coder — a site for finding engineers
    Guru — a site for finding freelancers, including designers and engineers — a site for finding freelancers, including designers and engineers
    Scriptlance — a site for finding coders
    oDesk — a site for hiring and managing a team
    Dice — a jobs site for techies
    This should give you a good start. I hope this helps!
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    Its very simple.
    Post a job on
    Try add all the details required.

    You will be surprise by the many requests you will get.
    You can then hire any of your choice
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    There's no magic system. Simply go to freelancing sites (like the one on this very forum) and look at the portfolio of the people who post there and answer your ad.

    Cheaper is not necessarily worse but you can't ask for much if you are paying little.
    A Step-By-Step Guide! Do Just This One Thing And Finally Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate
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    It depends on what you want to develop I think you will get good designer on warrior forum too and other option is to use freelancer
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  • The first step is to look at the work that you would like to achieve and decide what sort of designer you require - digital or print specialist, or someone who covers both. Then look through portfolios and choose a candidate that you feel meets or surpasses your needs.

    With this in mind, I would suggest checking designer portfolios by using Odesk, Freelancer or Elance.
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    You can find the designer at the freelancer sites or forums like warrior in buy and sell section you should look for the reviews first then go ahead and final the deal
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  • Here are some tips to find a good web designer :

    1. You can search with google,yahoo,bing etc .
    2. Look at the work that you would like to achieve and decide what sort of designer you require
    3. Hire a new developer for small project first for identify her/him ability and efficiency.
    4. You can hire a developer with great aptitude, who can learn new techniques easily.
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