Looking to get my website edited and redesigned.

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Hope everyone's have a great day and week thus far!

I'm trying to find someone whom can give me a good deal that is willing to do some design and editing to my website. It's not really much work that I need done. I need to just get a few pages added and update a few that are already there. Someone with experience would honestly have no issues doing what im asking and im sure would be very quick at doing it.

My site is hosted on godaddy and its on wordpress. I'm looking to basically add a forum to the site, add a tab where I can place an amazon affiliation store, and also another tab for weekly videos that i will post.

Lastly what I need is for someone to update my robot which is suppose to auto post articles from rss feed, but for some reason its not working properly.

If someone is willing to work with me ill pay the best I can, all help is greatly appreciated.

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