I Have Redesigned My Logo - What Do You Guys Think?

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Based on the feedback I received here last month, I am now in the processing of redesigning a few aspects of my site. The thing everyone agreed with was that the logo looked "spammy" (Spammy = logo of an ugly useless site designed to make money and offer no content). As the logo is the first thing that people see, I think addressing this issue is the most important thing to do for the new design.

AIM: Have the site look more professional so that the spammy looking logo doesn't pose as an obstacle to my guest blog posts being accepted.

QUESTION 1: Let's assume I handed you an article you like. Based on the logo ALONE, how comfortable you would feel linking to my site with logos (1), (2) and (3) shown below on a scale from 1 to 10? I would be grateful for actual numbers.

I know the logo is and should not be the only thing and not the most important to consider when deciding to link or not link to someone, but I will tackle the other issues separately, i.e. one thing at a time.

I appreciate any feedback.




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  • Profile picture of the author paulphillips1706
    Sorry to be frank - they look a little amateurish.

    When dealing with money, wouldn't you want a logo/banner you could put trust into?

    Comparing with a successful competitor is always a good start.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Shelton
    Surely #1 is a joke (I hope), #2 has one irrelevant animal, and #3 has two irrelevant animals, none of which makes it look serious.

    Just to take it a bit further, here's 1 animal version, 2 animal version, and NO animal version: now which one looks like you might link to it?
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  • Profile picture of the author Arthur Burlo
    Your animals are irrelevant to SEO; mine are relevant.

    I am not sure about the penguin from an artistic pov. The logo is black and white themed and the penguin has yellow beak and feet.

    FYI: Unique Article Wizard also had a penguin and a panda in their last logo.
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      Hey, If your site is about SEO and money. You may have a penguin holding and looking through a magnifying glass wearing a shirt with a money symbol on it or something along those lines. I've been doing logo design for years. The first one you had is pretty bad to be honest and the 2nd one isn't that great either, but it's clean and bold. I'd lose that faded line through the middle of the text as well. People want to see POP. Don't distract the eye. I just think you can do a lot with a little for your logo.
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        Lose the "The" - social network {sean parker}

        Yes at first glance the OP had a point with the animals. At first glance, are we looking at a SEO site, or a farming site? Of course we all know panda and penguin are related to SEO. Chevron, Shell, Texaco. Look at their logos. They sell themselves with one little design, not a stretched out banner. Of course they are used daily and seenby millions easily being identified. But when your site blows up, will you beable to create a 16x16 fav icon out of it?
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      I would go for number 3, with the following improvements.

      1. Remove the panda.
      2. Put some $bills under the arm of the penguin.
      3. Get rid of the fade running through CENTRAL.
      4. Have each word in the same font / style (Should make it look more professional).

      Just my ideas, a good start though well done!
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  • Profile picture of the author brettb
    Your URL/logo is too long, make it MoneyPanda or something short.

    Also agreed that the Panda should have a load of money in his/her paws.
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