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Think Better Feel Better | Productivity, Positivity, and Prosperity.

This is my self improvement blog. Please give me some feedback (both positive and negative).

I launched this blog around 6 months ago.
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    In my opinion any blog that's not packed with ads is a relief. The color is great, the site is clean and fast loading! Next step is to update so it's fully responsive to today's technology.

    Not so nice on mobile.
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  • Yes, I only have one Bidvertiser ad at the right side. I do not have much ads.

    Thanks for the feedback, I will try to make it mobile friendly.
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  • Bump.

    I have updated my blog with more articles and a new theme. Feel free to give me feedback.
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    The theme you've chosen makes it look like a personal blog. Fits the content pretty well, because it feels like reading someone's blog. The concepts are not refined, the tone lacks authority, and text is not particularly well-written. If this is intentional, then it's all fine.

    Starting almost every piece with a broad generalization ("Many people in this world have...") feels lazy after you've seen the first one. I've had two teachers who didn't like it one bit, and made it very clear to us.

    You have three blocks with most recent articles in the right-hand column.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    One little suggestion I have is to get the basic on-page SEO done. For example, the current Title Tag of your website is general.
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    My opinion would be to remove the ads from the blog and if possible then cover the remaining both empty side of the blog. Overall blog is completely fine.. !!!
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    I can't see meta description and meta keywords for most of the posts. You can draft a better page title for blog posts. Add high quality and relevant images with alt attributes.

    Add a bio page and authorize your content on Google+
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    I think the theme can pull a better emotion by having brighter colors. I recently read about colors and how they affect a person's emotion. I think brown means friendly...not sure but check out colors and emotions on google search. I think orange or blue would be great for a self-improvement site instead of black and red ....just my opinion, you should go with whatever makes you feel good
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  • Thanks everybody.

    I have customized the theme slightly, I have made the background orange.
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      Site looks good, you need speed and you should move it to a faster server. With that said. You just need to push in articles and thats it.

      Premium webhosting Superfast hosting with SSD servers starting from just $1/month.

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    IMO it lacks images. Slideshow + A simple logo would make your site feel more alive.
    This is a blog that I liked but for some reason it's not online anymore, but you can get some inspiration from his design, which I think was very good:
    Mind of Allan - Explorations in Lifestyle Development
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