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This is my first website and would really appreciate some feedback.


I hope it's obvious that it is a family friendly social hub to share thoughts and ideas. I don't want to classify it as a social network, as it's primary focus is not encouraging competition to try and get as many virtual-(almost)-friends.

I do have some interesting ideas for revenue streams, but they won't come into play until further down the line.


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    The javascript stuff seems to work quite well, and the blocks organize themselves neatly. The content could very well open in a lightbox in the middle of the screen, no need to show every block in the background.

    I don't like the layout too much. It's just too busy with 3D buttons, sharp drop shadows and animations. The first two also make it look outdated, because flat design is the cool thing of 2013. However, that's an easy thing to fix.

    I'm "the last one to register" type of curmudgeon when it comes to new social media platforms, so I won't comment on that side.
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    Nice site and website designed in a great way.
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    Interesting - minor tweaks to graphical elements & its a good start

    How does it look on mobile?
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    nettiapina - Thanks for the feedback. Lightbox would make the site look like a direct clone of Pinterest - which I didn't want. I'll look into more current buttons - outdated is certainly something I'm looking to avoid!

    guru22 - Thanks. It means a lot.

    gareth - Cheers for the positive comments. Any pointers on the 'tweaks to graphical elements'. Mobile 'android' works fine with the site as is. IOs is next on the list to conquor. If it takes off I would be looking at dedicated native apps anyway.
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      Originally Posted by paulphillips1706 View Post

      Any pointers on the 'tweaks to graphical elements'.
      My advice to you would be to just experiment, change and tweak things until you come up with a design that you just love and enjoy browsing.

      Look at sites like 9gag, pinterest, facebook. Their design is very simplistic, but everything has a purpose.

      Your site looks pretty cool, specially since it's your first one. If you look at it, you don't have a lot of things to change, because the design is very simple even though the site is a bit "complex".

      Change the bar at the top to something more simple with only one color, you can make your logo a bit smaller as well and work a little more on it.

      Try removing the rounded corners, in the navigation menu (green boxes) and around the images/video thumbnails.

      Also, the images change position when you're scrolling and browsing the site, it looks pretty cool, but it's very confusing. No need for that.

      When you click to see an image or video, a small box on the right side comes up. Try to make the box bigger and centered. Kinda like pinterest.

      Those are just a few ideas


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    I like it, true a bit confusing when you scroll and see this video boxes moving from side to side but i like the concept looks different to what is the norm!
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    Thanks znan and danix7,

    Some great tips there. Thanks.

    I've dropped the reorganization animation as suggested, and the object round edges.

    I can't really move the info panel - its position and size becomes more relevant once you are logged in and get the full user interface.
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    i like the idea and could see people using it just the design id work on. im on the ipad and the nav is very small i can zoom in but then the rest all seems crammed.
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      Thanks drk11 - I've not had a chance to try it on iOS - but have been told it doesn't play nicely. It is definitely on my To Do list.

      If you could compare with a PC/Mac browser - I'd really like to know what isn't working.


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    As a first website this looks really cool, altough it is to confusing, there are too many blocks & colors on the first landing page.
    Try to make it more simple and catchy.

    Dont give up on this one tho, could really be something!
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    The drop-shadows around the boxes on the main page are a bit heavy. I'd make them lighter and less transparent. The logo could use some work, particularly the white glow on the bottom. The signup form would in my view look better if completely rounded input fields weren't combined with a square button. Also, it needs more padding on top.
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      Good Start.

      The website loaded slow for me as well and I found it a little confusing too. Maybe I would look at making the site faster to load and ad more info graphics or info on the purpose of the site and why someone would be using it or compel them to register. Why would I want to register with the site?

      I agree with the comment about the old school email too. A contact form would be better. I dislike clicking on a contact button/navigation link and having my email app open. Most people today expect a form, especially when clicking a main navigation button.

      Hope this helps. All the best with your site.
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    wow what a difference from ipad to pc.
    The way the pop up are needs improvement and overall design maybe but I really like the idea.
    Maybe work on adding Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
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    looks nice, it is just bit still slow and sluggish,
    There might be room of improvement in these field, also when you click any image it will be great to have social sharing buttons below
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    The site already looks good, some of the things I noticed right away is that some of the images are pixelated and the site is a bit cluttered. Try to change the layout or add more spaces in between. Good luck with the changes.
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    1 - Speed : slow
    2 - Template : 7/10
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    Like the header part, and the photos looks not that good.
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    Thanks guys for checking the site out.

    Maud - Glad you like it! Point taken - I've reduced number of blocks and hopefully simplified the landing page as you suggested.

    wondy - the drop-shadows have been reigned in, much more subtle now. I've also reworked the logo. All input boxes have been squared off as well - makes them look more consistent with the site - good call on that one. Ta.

    itservicebiz - I'm working on performance - there is lazy loading, but still need to implement infinite scroll (which should speed initial loading times). I'll also add a contacts form.

    drk11 - Hope the difference is a positive one! Twitter and Facebook integration is in the pipeline - excellent point though.

    xpesos, YongC - thanks, your points are covered in other comments.

    lanotdesign, Mollywhite - the muses are created by the members on the site, so will always be of varying quality. The boxes are now larger, so should be less cluttered.
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    Looks Good. Just Improve Image Quality. best of luck
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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    It is good. I just wanted to know how it looks on a mobile device
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    I think your site is done well. The photos are eye-catching and look fun.

    One thing you might consider is taking the info you included in the "about" section and make it part of the front page so people who visit for the first time get navigation info right off the bat. People are so quick to leave a page, you don't want anyone to leave without further inspection. I think most will click on items out of curiosity though.
    Merry Christmas!
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    Happy New Year to everyone!! 2014 is going to be an exciting one!

    Thanks for all of the excellent and positive+fantastic feedback.

    I've taken all of the above points on-board and hopefully have addressed most of them.

    What do you think of the revised site?


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