Is Typepad and Effective Blog?

by tjxu97
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I have used Wordpress and hear a lot about Blogger, but what about Typepad? I need to create a blog for a business I work for and this program looks like it could be the right choice with a professional look.

Any feedback?
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    As a professional Wordpress and Typepad is much preferable rather than blogger.

    You can use any one of them as per your need. TypePad is a useful tool and very simple to manage, Inexpensive, no software to download, install, update etc. I believe this is the best choice for most people as it is much easier to handle. WordPress on the other hand is a system designed for bloggers who need more grunt behind their blog. It's highly adaptable and has so many options and features - especially through it's available plugins.

    So if you are going for a business blog and can handle WP well, then Wordpress will be the best choice for you else go for typepad as its much more easier to handle.
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      I saw where Typepad has "business" blogs, but they're like $90 a month. Are the normal blogs free and hosted for free just like

      I've used, but haven't stepped into How much of a step up is it to use the later?
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    Wordpress is the best according to me.
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    If you have worked with Wordpress stick to it. It should be simpler the second time around and you will be able to deliver an even better product.
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