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I was doing some research and it seems that the idea is to collect all funds for website creation up front before starting work. Is anyone selling websites online? If so, how are you collecting the money? My understanding is that Paypal is not optimal as it might be possible to be involved with a "scammer" and Paypal always sides with the customer (even if they are wrong).

I was only asking as it seems that people charge approx. $2000 for a website(?) - or thereabouts.

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    I personally use PayPal and haven't had a problem. Just make sure you are providing high quality content and delivering what you promise, and then you shouldn't get into trouble. I also prefer to take a 50% down payment to start work and then the remaining 50% after work is completed. Of course, do not push them the domain or give them the final admin login until after they pay to give them some extra incentive. You could also use escrow for additional protection, but this usually costs a fee.
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    Thanks for the response

    You could also use escrow for additional protection, but this usually costs a fee.
    Do you have any suggestions on a company (or companies) that work with Escrow?
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    Don't know if it's exactly "escrow" but Find and Hire skilled Freelancers, at a click - will collect and pay based on progress or completion.
    The site seems to say that if you bring your own clients, there is a reduced or no fee. I haven't checked that out.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    I use to do the 2k websites and would do 50% upfront and 50% when completed. I would use paypal and invoice them. Now I only do the $300 quick basic sites which I also use paypal but all upfront due to the low cost.
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      use stripe, you can get an account in 5 minutes.

      I use a software called ucm pro -codecanyon $60. That allow me to send invoices that the client can pay online.

      The stripe interface is very clean. you can also add paypal, etc.

      Also the software have a client side, where they can see the invoice history, print the invoices, pay, leave notes, open tickets, etc.

      Charge 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.
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    If your talking about 2K or more, as mentioned, you really should use escrow. Yes there are fee's, but least you have piece of mind.

    Too easy for people to flake out with pay pal, with either a dispute or chargeback. PP doesn't always side with the customer, if you have documentation/proof, but they could still jamb up the money for a while.
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    Thanks guys for all of the responses
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