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Check my site and leave your valuable comments.
Tell me the desgin and speed of site is that atrractive?
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    • Good clean site, top nav too small and maybe change a few of the very generic looking stick images and maybe add a good call to action on the homepage to generate leads. Overall very good
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        The design may do, try adding more colors into your website.
        But as BlackfinWebDesign suggest, you should try to add a call to action like a phone # or a request a quote form button.

        To measure page speed and look for recommendations, go to GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
        And to get more recommendations use Google's page speed for both desktop and mobile review. PageSpeed Insights

        Hope I helped!
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    Originally Posted by thefasninja View Post

    Check my site and leave your valuable comments.
    Tell me the desgin and speed of site is that atrractive?
    Speed is average for your site, some seconds to load.
    Design: layouts are ok but your colors are not good, you need to combine colors to get better.
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    woow great work . The website color scheme is good and the text color and font is also good . But the very top menu text is to much small in size you can change it from 9px to 12px or 13px then it will be look nice. Give some proper background color to footer .
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  • your design is good but you need to improve the color combination and a little adjustment for the spacing in text and images
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    You see images on the main page, but no images on any of the other pages - would be a big improvement to have at least one image on each other page - each image could be optimized for seo, too, while you are at it!
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    Soloseller2014, WeirdEntrepreneur, eWebGurus, yestyle, sham2, visualwebcreation, coolav and Matthew Shelton, thanks all of you for great and precious reviews.
    In coming week I'm upadating my site and now I will do focus on colorcombination and images as you said.
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        Good enough, but the drop-down menu's font for services and technology is too small in my opinion. Also, your site's content have too many text that have small fonts, it makes me a bit dizzy. It's better for you to make your site's size a bit bigger so the fonts won't be so compressed and add some pictures to reduce the number of texts used. Other than the font problems, I think your site is doing good enough.
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    Site looks nice... Make it responsive as well, it's the latest trend now and also will help you to get more clients. Also reduce the main menu text a little bit ( 14px or 16px would do, current size 18px is too big when comapared to other content in site)..
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    As others have said you definitely need to make it more responsive - it looked a bit crammed and uneven on my iPad Safari and Galaxy S3 Chrome.

    Not too bad but definitely worth looking into to make it even more professional.

    Another thing is try to make the top navigation text size a little larger because it is very difficult to read especially on mobile devices since it is trying to contain all of it into one screen.

    One more thing (and this is a bit of a long-term change) but try to flatten the style instead of 3D floating - it'll make it cleaner and boost your performance (load time). Use foundation or bootstrap up to you.

    Finally, this is just good practice to include all of your JavaScript files on the bottom to increase your website load time and efficiency (See Google PageSpeed rules for fast loading websites/ page optimization).

    Best of luck to you!
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