Can you move website hosting or builders?

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I am working with Godaddy and though I absolutely love their customer service and the way the website is looking so far I absolutely can't stand their builder. I might be able to build most of it with them, but the thing won't let me underline, like they really made it hard, like as though they didn't want websites to have underlines as though they had a problem with it.

Plus their Image inserter is nuts it crops like half the picture every time.

I could probably do most of it but I really would want the ability to underline and I'm also worried about how I'm going to test and tweak this site when I have such terrible builder to have to work with.

Also I got a really nice start with the website so far.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

I've talked to them a bunch already and I will talk with them probably plenty more before this is all said and done.

Any thoughts?
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    I've never used their builder, nor I ever will, and I would advice you to learn how to use any CMS like WordPress, Joomla or similar.


    Simply - when you're using something like GoDaddy's builder, no one can answer you even on simple question like that! I guarantee you that wp is much more powerful, easier to use, better documented (plus you can find lot's of video tutorials), and universal all around solution!
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    Agree with WPcrew to go ahead and learn a real CMS. Wordpress is great - the only thing I'd say right off the bat though is Do Not put off the security of your Wordpress site - include your WP security strategy right from the start - it is vital these days.
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