does web design affect conversions?

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I got a website that doesn't convert well even though I got a few keywords in top 10 position at google and I am thinking maybe that's the problem with my web design, can anyone please give me some suggestions? Please go to my site by clicking here! Any comment would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Absolutely - your site may be a total mismatch for what the prospect expects to see.

    Alternatively, your traffic sources may not be looking for your "solution" or indeed your "solution" isn't an answer to their problem period!

    Hard to say without a quick look at the site though.
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    very true, post in your website link and let the experts have a look and know where the problem actually lies.

    Although designing is not always the factor, because, my fellow competitor has awful designed webpage but has a huge conversion rate. He has more than 1000+ customers filing the contact form.

    so, if you post the link, it will be very useful
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    Your landing page is a big problem. You need a cleanly designed page with a clear call to action.

    There are many aspects to the page that can be discussed, but not enough room to discuss them, as there is more happening than meets the-eye.

    I critique sites for a living, and will happily give your site an "audit" for free. If you click on link in my signature, ill follow up with an email and we can set up a time to discuss what should be done with your site in more detail.


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    Web design is ALWAYS a factor (the degree varies). It's the visual communication dialog that conveys many things to your visitor.

    Just like anything, the best design in the world with the worst copy will suffer and the best copy in the world with the worst design will have many issues as well.

    When most people think of "design" they think of pictures or a snappy header. It's much more than that. It's the complete package. Your copy is part of your design as well.

    How many times have you went to a site and without diving too much into content, your brain already started drawing conclusions based on the presentation?

    - Oh, these guys look pro all the way

    - This site looks fishy, therefore the owners might not be on the up and up

    - Ah, this site "gets" me (ethos building)

    As was mentioned in a post above, the target audience matters a great deal.

    For instance, just the color scheme could cause visitors to stick or flee---might be the cat's pajamas (good) or death's boney hand (bad I think).

    To the OP, a lot of your site is blending in together (not a good thing). It could be challenging your audience to focus. As a result, they aren't sure what to do and using the site becomes "work," so they leave.

    Look for information that's building too much noise. For instance, you have a right sidebar item about low prices. It doesn't nothing. The title says low prices and the graphic inside the box says low prices again. It's taking up real estate and that image could have been worked into the header or displayed elsewhere.

    Also, do yourself a favor and just focus on everything above the fold. Imagine that your visitors will never scroll down.

    Are you making the best presentation? Do they have what they need to interact with the site?

    Take a look at sometime. Granted, their site changed some when they started the relentless pushing of their Kindle, but take a peak at what you usually see above the fold.

    Perhaps you can feature that one awesome item that's either a great seller, offers huge profits or both.

    Good luck!
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