Please Review this Squeeze page.

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Going live later today. please suggest if you think I should add anything to increase conversions.

The page no longer exists. Thanks everyone for reviewing.
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    I was looking for a more critical review. Thanks anyways.
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      You can start by removing the links to the images because they aren't helpful.

      It's also unclear what 1 think you want your visitors to do. Are they buying something for $23?? Or are they opting in?

      I didn't see any live links for purchasing, so assuming you want them to just opt-in, you could put another opt-in at the bottom of the page so people know what you want them to do if they get down that far.
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    Well, the visitors will be redirected to the seller page where they can get more info on the product and the actual payment link is on that page.

    This is a squeeze page for capturing e-mails only.

    Do u suggest that I redirect directly to CB payment page from that form, or is it fine this way?
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    I used to sell the exact same product last year.

    I like it except that for a squeeze page it is pretty long and the opt in form is on the right.

    I would make it simpler, above fold. The sales page comes afterwards as you said, all they need is some basic info in the bulletpoints and the free gift bait.
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    Woow awesome colors scheme you use in your website. I personally appreciated your hard work. I think you need to put some other content on your page. Remove link from logo because when someone click on your logo its redirect to logo image , which is not good practice. Also make proper footer because the footer not looking good.
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  • Everything is ok.May be capturing email.not bad.Professional look & feel.
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    i do have a couple of suggestions. It would be better to move your call to action fields and button lower, because right now it has a lot of space below it. The use of arrows are also very clever, it would be nice to have an arrow pointing to your call to action fields because initially the eyes are directed to the book information.
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    Looks great. One suggestion add more power / color to the header, maybe by using a background instead of using a plane white background like the rest of the page.
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    Look good, layout and color are impressing!
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      Originally Posted by yestyle View Post

      Look good, layout and color are impressing!
      Really? Because I took it down yesterday.
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