Optimize Press 2.0 Featured Homepage?

by TerriL
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Hi All,

I'm having some difficulty understanding the Homepage Feature Area in Optimize Press 2.0 - (it's driving me nuts!)

In my WordPress Dashboard - Settings> Reading...

I have my "Static" Front Page set to a page I created called "Home" - This is my landing/sales page (or at least it's supposed to be, lol)

I have my "Post Page" set to a page I created called "Blog" - My new posts are displaying here without a problem.

But, the OP 2.0 Featured Homepage Feature Area is displaying a (video/content/optin) on my Blog, not my static Home page where I want it displayed.

If that's not bad enough, on every page I create, I get a 1/2 wide strip below the navbar displaying the page name (i.e. Home, Support, Pricing, etc..) it's doing this on EVERY page!

What I would like to do... (if possible)

Have the Featured Homepage Area displaying a Video with Content & Optin Box (like it displays on the blog now) but only on the REAL Home page. Then, NOT have it creating a 1/2 wide strip on every other page.

Is there an easy fix to this?

I tried "shutting" the Homepage Featured Area OFF, and somehow it's still creating that strip on EVERY page I create, it's annoying!

Also, if anyone knows... why is it every time I change a 'color' setting on my Nav Bars the entire "Banner Header" section resets, and screws the entire layout up?

(*I can manage that problem as it only takes a few seconds to go back in and reset the media images and background colors in blog settings, but this new theme is a PITA compared to the original OP! - I'm really trying hard to like it, as what I have been able to get right looks good!


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