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Hi there,

I'd appreciate if you could take a quick look at the home page for

Design Rationale:
Cause Related Marketing is the primary keyword I want to rank for - hence it is in the headline.

As the page is a landing page for both businesses and consumers, a single call to action is not possible. For businesses, the most wanted response is to click on the link Find Out Now and for consumers to search for a JointWinWin business and or leave praise for a registered business.

What is the front page "saying" to you?

Your advice and suggestions is appreciated.

All the best,
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    To me, the page seems incomplete. All elements look unrelated, like compiled from MS Word clipart. Would you mind to order or download a free custom web template to make the page look more professional and stylish?
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    I agree with indigo, it looks incomplete. The white space at the banner and bottom should be filled or eliminated. Further into the site the menu bar has a rollover that turns the text blue, it's very hard to read.

    On the what is jointwinwin page at the bottom you have "join countless others... get started now as a blockquote, if anything center that, it looks like a mistake.

    Your also not resizing your pictures in a graphics program, your setting the sizes in the tag, not a good practice, they look choppy and your page load times will suffer...

    That should be enough to get you started...
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    I think your main problem is that you are using a squeeze, offer or funnel set up in your site instead of a more traditional website design.

    Like the above comments it looks garbled and incomplete. The graphics are outdated, and the color compliment just isn't there.

    The other pages look better with a top navigation and a clearer division between each element...

    I can't posts any links yet but consider searching on Google for "Web 2.0 design tutorials" and you will get many resources and even generators for your site design.

    To Your Success.
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    Yea it looks incomplete. It seems like you have still more content to add. Other than that i think it should be polished a bit more to make it more aesthetically friendly.
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    it looks a bit empty, search for free templates. There's a bunch that look very good and even look like premium templates.
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    Thanks all, appreciate the feedback.

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