The Business reason why not to use Wordpress or Drupal.

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Is there a reason why a small business would not want to use Wordpress or Drupal? I was conversing with a web designer and he tells me that larger an organization becomes the less they rely on these two cms systems. Other than security reasons and the fact that they 'feel' that creating a custom cms for their organization works better than an "out of the box" system he could not give any more information on 'why'. Any thoughts?
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    maybe because you cant use adsense on wordpress? maybe wordpress isnt considered professional enough?
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      Originally Posted by darbok View Post

      maybe because you cant use adsense on wordpress? maybe wordpress isnt considered professional enough?
      huh? sure you can!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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      Originally Posted by darbok View Post

      maybe because you cant use adsense on wordpress? maybe wordpress isnt considered professional enough?
      Great mistake here. You can use adsense with a self hosted wordpress site. Adsense can't be used for blogs.

      Now about the topic. Maybe he doesn't know how to work with wordpress or maybe he wants to charge you more money. There are good things and bad things about using wordpress but I think if you really want to use it then search for someone who can help you and I'm sure your business will do great even if your site is in wordpress.
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    Well it depends on many things, but I would consider functionality, speed, customization potential as also very important.
    I wouldn't use Wordpress for an Ecommerce website for example, unless it required just a couple of products and hardly any traffic.
    If I needed a very specific customised layout and function, I'd also be looking elsewhere.
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    Might be the legacy of WordPress's origins. It used to be seen as just a blogging platform and probably still has this stigma. I love WordPress and think it works in the majority of situations.
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    Maybe that particular web designer doesn't use WordPress. It does have some limitations for sure. I always find archiving posts on WordPress is a grey area.
    I have used Joomla for a larger more complex site.
    It really boils down to a matter of personal preference. If you are using a web designer and you want to do updates yourself, then WordPress is probably better way to go. If someone will be looking after your site then go for a custom made site
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    Its depend on your website functionality . There are many wordpress plugins that help you to make your website in E-commerce . First make your website then add this plugin I also use this .Its very good and available in free cost. Download plugin here..
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    It seems to me that these businesses are penny wise and pound foolish

    Free AdPress Theme for WordPress .

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    well, its open source with millions of users and abusers. the exploits become known and spread making it easier for more people to use the same concept on many websites that use that same coding

    And, you can only customize your site to a certain extent in wordpress.

    the biggest reason most go with wordpress is because it's FREE. then people try to make money with addons, custom css, etc.. that cost is minimal to having a web dev team committed on your project.
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    As a small business owner myself and having some degree of programming sites from scratch I would agree with your friend.

    Wordpress is great to get started but if you don't know wordpress inside and out you are forever trying to fix issues, plugin conflicts, bad coding etc.

    When you program your own CMS it's tailored to what you need. It's generally programmed by the same person or team, along with all the plugins, they are not foreign coded by a magnitude of people with diverse coding structures and techniques.

    From my experience things flow a hell of a lot easier and it generally behaves the way you want it to.
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    The Bigger an organization is, the more money they have to throw at things. Why start off and modify something if you can just start from scratch. From a small business perspective, custom is expensive, and less expensive is often good enough. From a quick and easy standpoint, a platform like wordpress offers cheap out of the box solutions, and are often designed with the main issues of SEO, and basic design addressed very well indeed.

    A larger business may have very specific needs and desires that can't be met without a very custom design. And if you're going in that direction anyway, you might as well just have your designer start from scratch.
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    If your designer cannot give you better answer than that, most likely he doesn't really know what he's talking about. :rolleyes:

    Only small sites like The White House and The Economist use Drupal and sites equally small sites like TechCrunch and Mashable use WordPress.

    I'm not saying that these platforms are the best fit for every website and yes most of the time they need to they need to be (heavily) customized.

    It's more about what your CMS needs to do, not how big your site is.
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    It's all about security. There are many ways to hack open source software. Wordpress is notorious for security flaws and back doors. Drupal less so, but still not very secure a choice.
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    Obviously your thought were different when it comes to corporate website. Its not a small website so security is most important factor and cms like wordpress not preferable.
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    Business doesn't know this more than designer and developer. always that
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    He wants to do a custom site for you so he can lock you in to using him. I use Word Press for 98% of the projects I do for a reason. I also have a full time Word Press coder on staff too so that helps with my decision making process. As long as you keep Word Press updated then it doesn't have as many problems as people think it does. A simple sanity check before you install just a random plugin is always a good idea. Just search for the plugin name and exploit hack or vulnerability. You will find out quickly how safe that plugin really is and its history of being secure or insecure.

    Not everyone thinks the same way so using Word Press might not be right for everyone. I personally think it is amazing. I can consistently get 94-97% on page speed scores with it and we can produce two fully working sites per day with it. If it doesn't do something I need it to do we just build a plugin for it.

    Anyway, best of luck. I recommend sticking with a popular CMS for multiple reasons. But YMMV.
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  • Wordpress is frowned upon by some enterprise devs and designers because they are unwilling to believe that better & simpler websites can be made in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Some developers believe doing 10,000 hours of writing custom code is the only way to make something work. There is so many opportunities in the web & mobile space because of responsive plug n' play themes & plugins available so freely.

    I work on Wordpress e-commerce websites that have 50,000+ visitors a month with millions in revenue annually. They don't break, they upgrade easily, they're secure, I have access to a world of great add-ons and they make money!

    What else do you need?
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