Launch Phase Page Managment HAYWIRE!

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OK, so I'm going to do a launch that has 4 videos, each with it's own page released over time.

At the top of each page I have links to the other videos in the series... but only the ones that have been released to that point... ie. when I release the first video, the links to the other 3 videos are inactive.

Then, when I release video 2, I update the page for video 1 to make the video 2 link live. When I release video 3, I update both the video 1 page and video 2 page to make that link live.

Anyhow, this is a lot of manual work, so I was thinking I'd just have pre-made copies of all pages stored in some other directories that I just swap in, BUT in my Microsoft Expressions Web editor, when I start moving files around the directories it AUTOMATICALLY updates links in the files and breaks everything!

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong... any helpful tips on making this whole task as simple as possible?

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