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I have an upcoming WSO and would like to get some opinions on two header graphics I am stuck between.

1. Cartoon business man holding target on the right with title on the left. (click on magnifying glass to clear up image)

2. Cartoon archer on left, target with arrow on right, and title in the center.

Click on both links to view each and then vote please!
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    Yeah the 2nd one...looking at them again

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    The second one. It's easier to focus on the text because it's in the center, while in the first image you focuse on the businessman.
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    2nd one is good for me
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    second one .Use it .
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    I'm a fan of the second one. Caught my eye a lot more and seemed more engaging. I like the graphic used too.

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  • Profile picture of the author businessplus
    The second one is the best
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    I like the first one most. It is better drawn than the second one and the colors fit better to the text.
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    Thank you all for your feedback. Keep em coming!
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      I vote for the 1st one and here's why:

      When I first look at the 2nd one my eyes are immediately drawn to the brighter colors of the "Robin Hood" character then to the bright colors of the target. This takes a few seconds, which is all you have to capture a persons attention.

      But in the 1st one the colors of the character are gray scale so the character blends in with the background more and my eyes go directly to reading the text.

      If your goal is to show off nifty cartoon characters then go with the 2nd one. But if your goal is to get people to read the text go with the 1st one.

      Or, if you host the image on your own server you could test which one brings more sales by changing the image after a set period of time or views. This would be the ultimate test with the answer that really matters because it's based on actual sales not just opinions.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr Bill
    I also like the first one but in both cases I found myself not even noticing the headline text. Big, bold, heavily capitalised, text with random arrows "telling me what's important in case I missed it" is not as easy to read as people think.

    I'd be worried about making your headline easier to read but absolutely number 1 is the one I found much easier on the eye. The target is all you need. The business man adds a bit of interest. Robin hood is in the way (visually interruptive), draws way too much attention away from the message and (I presume) doesn't use darts as arrows.
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  • Profile picture of the author yuccarichard
    I'd go for 2nd one
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    I'm with BrainyBiz and Mr Bill on this one. Although the archer is arguably more relevant to hitting the target, the arrangement and colors draw attention away from the sub-heading. If you want to draw the reader down into the text, my view would be the business man achieves the purpose better.
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  • Profile picture of the author grafx77
    All very valid points here guys! Thank you!
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