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..and I'll critique your website in return (first to responses get a crit). Please take off the gloves and don't "spare the rod".

Thanks folks...

Marin Web Developer
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    I would probably have a phone number in the header. Make it easy for someone to contact you..
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    Nice - I still like the old eleven40.

    The Green with the orange is a good combination, easy to read and appealing.

    I like the "feel"


    I would suggest you put something on your site to BITE your target.

    Maybe a winning story

    "How We Turned Business A into Business B"

    The story of how Johnny's Plumbing went from bust to robust in three months working with us.

    [click here] for our other winning stories.

    * Why a new website will increase your profits*
    People need to see the results they will get rather than just "another" web developer.

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      For me nothing is screaming "I design quality converting websites" I go into your portfolio and see sites such as the Terry Pearce page... and I am wondering if you have a designer that left the team.

      One of your greatest assets is the fact you have been doing this for 18 years. That is stashed off to the site in a little graphic.

      As a designer myself I understand the concept, and distain of "Pretty Sites" but the reality is this... no one wants a Ugly site. In my dealing with clients I use terms such as "Form Follows Function". I am not so sure you have left the impression of what the function is here. the headline "You need a website that both looks great and sells great" might be more to the point as "We design sites that both look and sell great!" your next line is "Oh No not another pretty website" are you not kind a saying "don't expect a pretty website from us!"?

      Look at your very own site "Thumbtack" Clear to the point 1 2 3 ( I would change point 3 to Start creating your online space or something. there is a CLEAR call to action. I would move in that direction

      We Design Websites that look good and sell good.

      ( 1 2 3 box with call to action )

      About my free consultations

      your list of qualifications.

      ( Contact us today )

      see my past work ( portfolio )

      Your info Links videos.

      Loose the featured tools. maybe place these to the side bar!

      That would be how I would lay it out.

      BTW you are a Photographer.. you might want to loose the stock images and maybe showcase some of your own images...

      Hope that Helps!

      here is my first attempt at an affiliate site for you to look at
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    A BIG "THANKYOU" for the valuable advice! Especially from CynthiaC and Savidge4 for the detailed evaluations and ideas.

    I'll certainly take action on this valuable advice.

    On the issue of my "Terry Pearce" website (in my portfolio): No, that site was not done by a designer now departed - it was created solely by me, like the others (except one musician's site where I took over the maintenance from the original developer and can't get the owner's permission to update it).

    It's very interesting to me; this implication that later website projects don't look as good as the Terry Pearce website. The actual factor here is that the Terry Pearce website was done by hand in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver via HTML and CSS (and was more expensive than my WordPress websites). The newer websites are mostly WordPress and meant to provide a low cost.

    Food for thought for yours truly here! Much appreciated!

    _jim coe
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    I agree, the site look nice.

    Some thoughts...

    Text could be broken up a little more, couple big paragraphs. Would make it easier to read.

    I personally wouldn't link the logo's under featured tools, those are traffic leaks. Also could be arranged better, kind of like they are thrown in, not the best "design", looks to amateurish.

    Why the Aweber box? Doesn't make sense, not sure what it is? Plus another reason for people to do soemthing else but check out your site?

    Need all the social icon's and in much better positions.

    Menu at the top needs better fonts, for me, the letters are bleary and hard to read.

    Free Website Success Guide Box needs a call to action, like "Click Here Now", "Click Here To Get Your Copy".

    Shouldn't services and fee's be on the same page? The top menu seems to be getting to big anyways?

    Just my thoughts
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    Hey thanks Ron! Haven't started the fixes yet, but your points will be taken aboard.

    Would any of you like a critique of your website in return?

    _jim coe
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