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The images on my site load really slow. I have WP super cache, what other plugins should I have to help this?
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    There are a few things you can do to speed up your WordPress site when it comes to images. The first thing to do is to make sure that you don't use too big images that you're resizing through html. For example. If you need an image with a width of 500px, don't get one that's 2000px wide and rework it in WordPress. Make the changes before you upload the image.

    Then you can use a plugin like Lazy Load. It'll make sure that only the visible images are uploaded at a time. The ones beneath the fold are only loaded when your visitor is actually scrolling down and they are becoming visible.

    Loading your images from a subdomain will help too.

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    Shrink any images, also Try using Cloudflare.


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    Use WP to shrink images, AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild to crop and serve optimal sizes and BJ Lazy Load to speed up image loading.

    But first thing that you should do, is to delete all images created by WP. For that purpose I suggest a great plugin called - DNUI Delete not used image. It will delete all images created by WP (but will leave original images that you uploaded).

    P.S. I'm also using W3 Total Cache, so I always suggest it for caching purposes.
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    I think it's well worth the time to learn hands-on image compression (using Photoshop or the free GIMP). By doing such manual compression, you'll be able to fine-tune to get the smallest image file size while previewing the result to be sure the image still looks good.

    Remember that images are compressed by the image damaging process of throwing away a certain number of pixels ("lossy compression"). So the trick is to only do enough damage to make the file small, but not enough to be noticeable to the viewer.

    Automatic methods may not give you the fine control of doing compression manually. That means you either won't get small enough image files or they will be visible degraded.
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    Originally Posted by BennyP View Post

    The images on my site load really slow.
    Try for images. That tool is much more effective than smushit.
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    Originally Posted by BennyP View Post

    The images on my site load really slow. I have WP super cache, what other plugins should I have to help this?
    Use webmaster tool (PageSpeed Insights) for to make better your website speed. This tool will find the issues and you can resolve them.
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    Optimize you image size, for example using the pngcrush, smushit, and other tools available online. Anyway, you should only display the image as necessary and find the balance between a cool design with loading time.

    Progressive jpeg also something you should check if you are using jpeg image.
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    Check your web pages speed online with Google PageSpeed insights tool because tool will give you recommendations that helps to increases the page speed.
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    Send me the URL via PM and I will tell you what you should do... not only images are slowing down websites, there is much more that is slowing down.

    WP is known for bad performance, especially if you load some more plugins. Each of the plugins does load own css/js and ofcourse... in the head of the website.

    Where JS does not belong... anyway... I can help if you want.

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    yess smushit or cloudflare nice for images optimized
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