Sports League Website: Is this possible in Wordpress?

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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate your help with this.

I want to launch a website similar to, a sports league / club management website.

The basic idea is that the site will be a sports leagues site catering for popular sports such as football, rugby, hockey and cricket. Users can register on the site, create a club / school team, join clubs / teams, upload player info / photos, and match results and statistics.

The site needs to:

1) Calculate and store player statistics in a database, per league.
2) Have different membership options, ranging from club manager, to player, to supporter, each with different editing rights (only for their club)
3) managers must be able to upload club info, photos, match results, player stats, etc
4) Each club has its own page on the site, with certain aspects of the page visible only to registered supporters, players and coaches

The basic purpose of the website is to offer public amateur teams (particularly youth and school teams) a place to showcase their players online, the team, and their results and news on the team.

There are some templates out there that are somewhat close to what I'm looking for, but none that do exactly what I want. As far as Wordpress is concerned, there are some plugins such as SportsPress, LeaguePress and LeagueEngine which are pretty close, but they don't cater for cricket or rugby which is a must for my website. Other than those, there are no other options for Wordpress.

Anybody have any ideas on how to make this happen? I'm not a fundi on Wordpress tables and databases, that's greek to me. But I'm prepared to learn. I just want to know from some of you legends out there if its possible to do what I have described in Wordpress, or to create a plugin that would do this.
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