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I realized yesterday that I am loosing a lot of international clients due to the fact that I am using Paypal as a payment payway exclusively. A lot of non english speaking people have placed orders on my website but did not follow through with payments. I thought this was just spamming, until I wrote to one of them this week.

I wrote that I noticed he had begun to place an order but did not finish and if I could be of assistance or if he had any questions to please let me know. The customer responded that he would love to place an order on my website but he did not have a Paypal account nor did he really understand the Paypal page he is routed to as it is in English. He said that he sees the logos of Mastercard and Visa within the Paypal logo right below the "Pay Now" button, so he understands it is possible but he cannot figure out how to do it as the Paypal page is in English.

I called Paypal and asked them to make the payment page multi-lingual as merchants are loosing clients. The Paypal engineer was very happy with my suggestion and they will be making it multi-lingual within 90 days ( I let them know that I would welcome any compensation for my very valuable feedback but was told that I will be credited for making the feedback 100% , but that they don't have a mechanism to compensate people. However, in the event such is possible my name will be down and my interest and that the suggestion had been escalated and is actually being worked on as we spoke. It was a long discussion that itself was escalated from the rep to the engineer).

Exactly, the page that will be provided in various languages is the one where people are routed to and make the payment. Right now, although at the bottom there is a link to pay with a credit card people do not understand the language and cannot complete their purchase. For each country it is the same, it is in the default language. Due to this limitation, internationally all merchants using Paypal are loosing and so is Paypal. It will be a good thing now that it is going to be multilingual.

Meanwhile, I am going to upgrade to the Advance Merchant Account of Paypal which will allow me to customize the payment page and make it much easier for customers to pay. It cost $5 monthly. I will also make it multilingual since the Paypal payment page will be on my own site. Most importantly, paying with a credit card will be easy and obvious.

In order to upgrade to the Advance Merchant Account I need to have a shopping cart. I wonder if you could tell me which one is best. I never used a shopping cart before. Here is the list of twelve that work with Paypal:


It was great speaking with you! Our Advanced Solution is a great way for you to accept all major credit cards AND PayPal and your customers won’t leave your site. This is only $5.00 per month and we don’t have any contracts.

The following carts are compatible with Advanced:

OS Commerce
ASecure Cart
Pinnacle Cart
Mal’s eCommerce
3D Cart
Cashie Commerce
Café Commerce
Site Store Pro
Wild Web Works
Cool Blue Web
Interior Web Design
Wave Accounting
Lumino Web Design
Ecommerce Templates

Shopify (templates only, not the iFrame)

The website is http//:Buy Website Traffic | Targeted Traffic | Web Traffic - Cloud Visitors

I thank you all in advance for your assistance.
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    I Recommend OS Commerce, much easier.

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    your problem is paypal then you jump into shopping cart,
    why not familiarize first the output and input of the paypal system
    then the shopping cart is not the problem anymore.....
    Only the best for the best from the best.....
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    No, it is never which is the best as you will receive 1,001 different opinions on facts you will never know. The simple approach is for $10s thousands sales per year Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, $10s to low $100s thousands Prestashop, WooCommerce (more $10s), osCommerce, $100s thousands to $3mil Magento CE, $3-14mil Magento EE.

    Then you need to factor in international, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce <20%, Magento CE/EE 20% and with a lot of work up to 50%, then you get to the big solutions which cost $100s thousands. There are also other factors but more or less that covers it.

    So you need to decide where you want to be, invest your time and money, and go for it. The higher up the chain the longer the implementation and the more cost there is, but it has more growth potential, but you also need to start somewhere. It all comes down to this simple fact: the balance between cost(management) vs time(business) vs architecture(technology). The more you push a platform above its weight the more perfect the balance needs to be.

    Assuming you are making some reasonable revenue, find yourself a decent payment provider and invest some time in fraud detection measures.
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    The best way to sell on Wordpress would be using PayPal and eStore. I think that the eStore plugin for PayPal is the most extraordinary tool ever created for selling. It's open code so you can edit and add features where necessary. They've been around forever and they never even really need to release updates anymore. It's just an incredibly well working plugin.

    That, combined with SMTP for mail so your receipts and download links actually reach their inbox. You do this through setting up a SMTP plugin in Wordpress (free and easy) with an SMTP service (there are plenty of free ones out there, SendGrid has a free account version).

    This way you take out the middle man and don't pay any monthly costs. Not to mention you get to totally customize every email that goes out, the products and more. All within your Wordpress.
    Top Quality Web Design for Marketers
    Because Sales Matter.

    Our portfolio & pricing below, 100% custom themes and lots of marketing bells & whistles:
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    I recommend Open Cart is the best , same like WooCommerce is best for word press, n paypaly for the customize sites.
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    I am not sure whether you are using WordPress or not. If yo uare using WordPress then use Woccommerce and you can add some more pyament option along with paypal.

    P.S. In my country paypal do nto provide their service so I use Fastspring to collect payment. They provide people to buy using most of the major payment processor along with paypal and my clients can pay me using their favorite payment option. It is really cool. Some other payment processor like 2co also provide same type of services.
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    I would not recommend OScommerce, unless your good with coding. I've been using it for a number of years now and while it's a solid cart and have never given me a problem, it lacks. Out of the box it lacks so much from layout to features and options. You can modify it, but that takes messing with the actual code and that can get tricky and easy to mess up.

    It's not as simple as uploading a theme/layout or a plug and activating. Modifications have to be done on the code level, it's a real pain. And then when you modify it, you can't easily upgrade. Was great in it's day, but not user friendly now.

    As Already mentioned, Woocommerce with wordpress is a great system. Since it's wordpress it's easy to use and modify. It's what I use more often.
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    Shopify and magento are the best for e-shops...
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      Just reviving this thread. I am looking for just a shopping cart software (like 1automationwiz or similar) that is in multilingual. Interested in Spanish primerly but if it can switch to other ones that would be great. I am using paypal as a payment gateway, cant figure out how to set it up to receive payments from spanish checkout page without my customers having to create a paypal account. For English yes, but for Spanish its not working. I am not very familiar with shopping carts, is shopify similar to shoppingcart or 1automationwiz? I had a chat with shopify they said they support a multilingual but whats the difference between them if any?

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      Originally Posted by TeKn1qu3z View Post

      I used Ubercart with Drupal as my CMS was Drupal, but my recommendation is to go with OS commerce as it is more reputable on the internet.
      Thansk does oscommerce require a lot of coding skills?
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    I would NOT go with OScommerce. I've been using it for probably 7 years and it's very dated. It is also not ready out of the box. Depending on your needs or wants, it's going to take alot of coding work to get it where you want.

    OSC "was" the best, not any more. Don't get me wrong it works flawlessly, but it's not made for today.

    I personally like Woocommerce. It's what i will be switching my OSC site to.
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    I am essentially looking to find a decent shopping cart whcih would be available to the users in different languages, any suggestions? I also started a new thread about that here. Would be very grateful for any feedback and suggestions.
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    We just gave you suggestions from the last time you asked
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    I had a look at WooCommerce and it looks like shopify. It looks to me they are for building a complete online store and and thats not what I need. They are not a shopping cart solutions like 1shoppingcart or 1automationwiz. Oscomerce looks something what I need but I dont know whether or not you can change the language of the checkout fields and Ron said that it requires a lot of coding, so I am reluctant about it either. What do you think?
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