is there a reason i shouldn't use blogger for a niche site/

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What are some things i need to consider and watch out for when using a google owned product like blogger and creating an affiliate niche site out of it?

Im not that well versed with wordpress and there is a template only available with blogger that i want to use.
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    seriously no replies?
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    The only drawback from using a blogger site for me would be that you do not own the property. If google decides to delete your blog then there is not much you can do. there may be some SEO advantage to building a site on there but I would not trust my livelihood to a "free" platform that I have no recourse over once it gets deleted.
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    Avoid Blogger, seriously. It's so difficult to use and managing niche sites built with blogger is cumbersome. You have to do almost everything in HTML by editing your current template. I suggest you learn WordPress. Install WordPress on a test domain and practice with it. Within a week, you should be quite familiar with it. If you have any questions along the way while building your site on WordPress, you can always come back here to get answers.
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    If your content is good then you don't need to worry. Anyway, it is better to buy your own domain in future.
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