Transferring a domain from an SEO company?

by RiMarc
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Hey guys,

So I use an SEO company called ChiroMatrix. I've been with them for a while and I recently met someone who actually practiced SEO and he revealed to me that the company was doing a horrible job.
To which was pretty self-explanatory since they have yet to fulfill their ranking promises as of 1 year from now.

They are manipulating my website by making all the "link juice" flow right through my website and right to them. Just about EVERY link on my website that is related to me is labeled "nofollow" save for the links going to THEIR site.

Now here's the real problem. This SEO guy I met recommended that I switch over to Wordpress. He said he'd help me through it and help me get a general understanding of SEO. He's not charging me, he is just trying to help me out, I love that.

But the problem here is that when I registered my domain, I did ALL of that through ChiroMatrix. They registered my domain, they host it, and they have an entire creation platform that I, until meeting this SEO guy, had no idea that I was being robbed of ALL control.

I have no access to any sort of raw code to make my own minor tweaks. I have no access to anything, not even access to changing my name servers.

I want to cut ties with them, but I want to transfer my domain name over to wordpress and keep my site near exact, if not exactly the way it looks.

Does anybody have any ideas or know what I can do in this situation?

They don't give me the ability to change my nameservers and they have no option to "export" a back up of my site, so I can't really keep the content?

This SEO company is KILLING me!

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated!
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    Sounds like they have control of 100% of the domain. The only thing you can really do is ask to terminate whatever contract you have and hand over ownership of the domain to your own account. Depending on how important the site is to you, you could talk to a lawyer about it if they refuse.
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      Thank you guys for all the great responses!

      I do intend to confront them about this and will hopefully get all that is mine!
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    If they didn't use an email address that you control,to register the domain, you need their cooperation to do anything. Contact them and see what kind of response you get.

    There's one pretty short and brutal negative report about them at ripoff report, but I wouldn't give that much weight as it's only one person who justs blasts at them with no real details.

    If they don't cooperate, you need to start over of find a lawyer.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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