Do you see any theme being attractive?

by bsurb
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I am re doing my business page and I wanted to get some feedback on the layouts I have picked out. I narrowed it down to a few.

Do you see any of these themes being attractive for a business? I am working on something attractive that will draw attention..

Huglab | » Home boxed slider

Vagenta | Just another WordPress site
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    Does it look decent enough for a vinyl lettering/web design service theme? What sells me on that theme is the email subscription in the footer.
    Vinyl Signs & Web Design in Ocala, FL.
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      IMO, any of them could work for you with a little personalization.

      Have you checked them on a variety of screen sizes, from mobile phone to tablet to standard screen?

      If one looks good at all sizes, choose it over the others.
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      Originally Posted by bsurb View Post

      Does it look decent enough for a vinyl lettering/web design service theme?
      Not to be busting your balls or anything, but something isn't quite right when a web designer is asking for opinions on pre-fab themes to use for his web design site.

      I would probably take a step back and think about what that means for the long term viability of what you are doing.

      Until then, I would heavily modify the third template. The top two aren't really bad for what they are, but they aren't cutting edge. The third one isn't really either, but it has some potential.
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    The first theme, Huglab, seems appropriate for a business website. It looks very professional and has a modern design. Vagenda would be great too.
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    This belongs in Web Design
    Website Design
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      I would go with Huglab

      Jon P. Belt

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