Applying AdWords coupons to an existing account?

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Adwords sent me a 'come and set your stuff up, here's a coupon' type of e-mail today to one of my addresses. I don't really feel like setting up another Adwords account anytime soon, so i was wondering if applying this coupon to my already existing account would be a good idea? I already used one coupon on that account a while ago. I'm sure people have done this before, what were the results? Do you still have your account or did Google close it? I dont really want to lose my Adwords account over something like this, but free $100 in ad credits is worth a consideration..
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    I've done a fair bit of research on this topic myself lately. What I've learned is that Google only allows 1 coupon to be redeemed per account. In most cases, Adwords will prevent you from redeeming a 2nd coupon, because the system knows you have already used one. However, there are some coupons that in fact 'stack' and will work a 2nd time.

    The question is, will your account get banned, eventually, if Google notices? The answer: probably! Some people have said "yes, I got banned", others have said they got away with it (for now...?).

    If this Adwords account is important to you, I would avoid redeeming a second coupon. It isn't worth the risk.
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    I was just wondering the same thing haha
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    Won't suggest you to do that as it's unethical and not suggested by google. Just one mistake - if they catch - can permanently disable your account.
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    just 1 coupon per account if you dont, maybe you get trouble
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    you won't get in trouble ... just that the code won't be activated ..
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    Unfortunately coupons are only for new accounts (and one per account)
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      Any changes in 2013? I have a 3 year old account, are there any coupons i can use?
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    I'm also pretty sure that the system will never allow a second coupon code to be applied to an account so there's not really anything to consider. Also don't think about opening a another account as Google only allows 1 Adwords account per customer.
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    You only get 1 coupon per new account. I would try to do anything else, knowing Google they'll likely ban your account pretty quickly.
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    There are coupons, although rare, that allow to be applied with existing accounts, permissible by Google itself. You just need to confirm the billing country though as Adwords coupons are country specific these days.

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