50 Ways To Be Better at Conversion Optimization

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Conversion optimization is the primary goal for any person who runs a website. And for those who run a site but don’t know about it, it is the percentage of people visiting your website who do what you intend for them to do. If you want to sell your product, and your website or content convinces the user to buy it, then you have successfully made a visitor do what you wanted them to do.

Conversion optimization is when you successfully turn leads into customers. There are a lot of ways you can optimize the conversion rate of your website and in this article, you will be introduced to up to fifty ways on how to do it. CRO is not based on hunches and guesses. It uses feedback and analytics to boost the performance of your website for better results.

So here is the list of all the tips and tricks you can apply for Conversion Optimization:
- Use bigger text box links on your homepage; they are more appealing
- Upgrade your website design for a fresh, better design
- Make your homepage clutter free. Make your content simple and short
- Add pictures of people who have positive feedback about your website
- Make propositions on your website regarding offers and discounts
- Make your CTAs appealing and more prominent
- Add customers’ comments, feedback, and testimonials to your website
- Redesign your pricing page as well as your landing page
- Add reviews on your website
- Change the colors of your links and website to red
- Use image sliders instead of videos
- Mention the price of your product on your homepage
- Use voices.com for conversion optimization
- Add a guarantee to your product and website
- Make navigating through your website simple for higher CRO
- Use power words in your content that compels visitors to invest in your product
- A less generic CTA can get more leads
- Keep your homepage concise. Longer landing pages end up boring the visitors
- Don’t ask too many questions in your forms and surveys
- Offer discounts and concessions
- Make images of your products bigger
- Send exciting newsletters every other day
- Use animation and gifs
- Send videos through emails
- Less content, more infographics
- Improve your page design
- Interact with visitors on a personal level
- Offer comparisons with other businesses and products
- Don’t allow too many advertisements and pop-ups on your website
- Offer free trials of your product or service
- Focus on user needs
- Ask for feedback and suggestions
- Make signing up and buying online easy
- Send seasonal messages to leads every month
- Reconstruct your website according to the season or holiday
- Add a trust badge to your products
- Make sure your website loads fast
- Make your website’s interface PC and mobile friendly
- Add sidebars to website
- Use the color red to convert leads to customers
- Add product videos with demonstrations
- Add a phone number on your website
- Add a product filter
- Avoid using negative keywords
- Try A/A testing before A/B testing for better results
- Analyze your traffic data
- Use surveys
- Follow latest trends
- Be creative with your homepage and sales pitch
- Clarity is the key

No matter where the visitors come from, there is always a chance to turn them into leads. And if you are creative and smart enough, you can do so by following these tips and tricks.

Try them out for yourself and see the difference...
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