Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing

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    Which type of adwords ad is good for a Dating site?

    Jamesbond143 in PPC/SEM

    Hello Friends, We are planning for adwords for our Dating site. Would display ads or text ads work best for us, and why?

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    Should I give up on solo ads and stick to Bing PPC?

    dj2590 in PPC/SEM

    I've been strictly using solo ads for a while now for traffic. Some of the solos are good and some of them are crap. Yesterday I finally setup a bing ... [read more]

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    Social media ads & Search engine ads

    jamesjennifer in PPC/SEM

    Which type of ppc ads is potential for online leads in between Social media ads & Search engine ads, please share your view ?

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    Should my B2B business do Facebook ads directing to my site or to like my page?

    justinhustles in PPC/SEM

    I've got a B2B business of building and managing websites for small businesses. I'm looking into running a Facebook ad, however I'm not sure which would be the best for ... [read more]

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    After much analysis I think QS is completely BS

    paultaylor in PPC/SEM

    Background: I use SKAG's, with an automated account set up with various tails, I also split between peak time and off peak time, so I end up with thousands of ... [read more]

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    Native Ads Platforms?

    khaledsaad110 in PPC/SEM

    Hey guys I'm having Big succress with fb ads right now growing my pages and getting sales for health/fitness products and i wanna start doing CPA marketing but not on ... [read more]

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    Adwords question. Best method for slowing down?

    paultaylor in PPC/SEM

    Let's say I've been running ads steady for long time with big budget with CPC's that are usually top three positions. And I want to take a month off with ... [read more]

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    Have a subscriber list... what can I promote?

    dusaki3 in PPC/SEM

    Hi, I have a list of 5,000 subscribers in the diabetic niche. Can anyone suggest what kind of product I can promote to my subscribers? (other than clickbank) And where ... [read more]

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    Does anybody else get good results with $1 FB Ads?

    sprinthurdles in PPC/SEM

    I have been running $1 FB ads for quite some time now, and they almost always seem to outperform the ads when I run bigger budgets such as $10-$20/ad. What ... [read more]

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    What is your biggest struggle with Facebook Ads?

    Kobi Topaz in PPC/SEM

    Hey guys What is your biggest struggle with Facebook Ads? For me it was writing the ad copy. You?

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    Adwords life time ban, any updates in 2017?

    KainH in PPC/SEM

    Hi warriors. I'm one of the victim of Adwords mass life time banned in early 2010s. Main reason was direct affiliate just like many others. I have to accept that ... [read more]

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    Which type of adwords ad is good for a classified site?

    param in PPC/SEM

    Hello Friends, We are planning for adwords for our classified site. Would display ads or text ads work best for us, and why?

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    Novice how to promote my CPA offers

    Clinton Abul in PPC/SEM

    Hello dear warriors I am new to the forum and also novice in marketing. I currently have access to several CPA offers (registration, download and adult) I would like to ... [read more]

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    Adwords is frustrating!

    prefamous in PPC/SEM

    I set up an adwords account and tried to promote my site on it but according to adwords my site violates policy. I have no clue what policy it specifically ... [read more]

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    Best paid traffic source with low budget

    spartan14 in PPC/SEM

    Hello I spend the majority of my time with free traffic but in my opinion it's not worth it because I get few results for the amount of time I ... [read more]

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    What are view-through conversions in Adwords?

    bintaroweb in PPC/SEM

    Hello warriors, What are view-through conversions in Adwords?

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    Facebook Messenger Advertising

    fvandy in PPC/SEM

    Anyone using the new Facebook ads for Messenger? Can you share how it is going and give any advice?

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    Is CPAlead worth my time?

    Lisa Anderlander in PPC/SEM

    I wonder if there's a better CPA Network that pays through PayPal.

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    Alternatives for Voluum? For Campaign/Affiliate tracking?

    Spree Ads in PPC/SEM

    Anyone know an alternative other than voluum? That is easy and can track campaigns and affiliate offers?

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    Where to find good traffic?

    Djimmanuel Joshua in PPC/SEM

    Im looking for a reliable source or an affordable way to get traffic

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    Should I Embed my Facebook Videos on by Blog?

    sprinthurdles in PPC/SEM

    I run FB ads, and I have been considering embedding the Videos from Ads direct onto my blog. I currently embed Youtube videos as it helps with SEO and helps ... [read more]

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    Facebook Page CTA to Clickbank

    MoneyMang in PPC/SEM

    Is it really this simple? I found good affiliate offer through Clickbank that is in the healthy lifestyle niche. So I will add the affiliate link in my Facebook Page ... [read more]

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    Bing ads nothing is happening

    Nattsurfaren in PPC/SEM

    Hi everyone, what's up? I'm a bit confused today. Added about 4000 keywords for a product and set it to broad match. Then set the lowest possible bids. Did that ... [read more]

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    Need Help about PPC keyword tracking + Clickbank

    blackua in PPC/SEM

    Hello guys, I have a question about PPC keyword tracking tools. I plan to use Adwords -> My Landing Page -> Direct to order page (vendor's site) How do I ... [read more]

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    How do I Bing people to a live event?

    Bengood in PPC/SEM

    When I set a Bing ad to a specific location, it is really slow. Bing ads support say increase Budget, Search Bid, and number of Keywords. But, increasing the Search ... [read more]