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Anyone have any input on clickbank pirate set to release Aug 4?

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    I've also wondered why I don't find much on Clickbank Pirate. I'd like to see what others say.

    It's probably not worth it or we would have heard a blurb at least.

    That probably means we are on someone's gullible list

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    Click away from the page and you will get an offer for the first month for less than $5 - as opposed to $47. Probably worth trying out at that price.

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    Was lucky to see this project form as an idea, to launch date today.

    It's well worth it and one of the best plug and play systems I've ever used.

    Those are two of the hardest working people in this business and deserve all the praise and kudos. So I'll give them some - Way to go guys!
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    Does it come with any upsells or one tine offers
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    One of the comments on site said that they have their own back-end sales products:

    "And they are even going to mail your prospects with backend offers - you cannot beat that, these guys know how to really pick up sales. In fact they were in our top 5 on MME4 so you are lucky to have these guys mailing for you!

    That's a nice start!

    Especially if you get (some) commission on these!
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    I was also wondering about the upsells or otos. Does anyone know?
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    By anyone's standards, those intro. videos are hypey. They take "it requires no work" to kind of ridiculous levels.

    System looks cool, though, and the Plug 'n Play blog idea is one of the best I've seen - that alone is worth something significant.

    On the flipside - I recall Cindye concurring they will initially only be working with MMO products - a huge downer to me.

    It also was quite annoying to me that they heavily edited blog comments - folks with serious questions included. I don't like that, but that's just me.

    I'd say the jury's out, but I can clearly see some value.

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    It's very slick, but too soon to give a review. I'll try to give feedback after a couple of weeks of using.

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    Does it come with any upsell or OTO? if yes what are the cost?
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    You better ask Bobcath seems like he purchased it already, he should know.
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    I just bought it and I didn't see any OTOs.
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    I haven't bought the product but you will find most products come with upsells & downsells. Could be wrong here but by having ups & downs its a great way to add to your bottom dollar. Don't get angry at them for doing so.

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    I think it's a great program.

    Lots of affiliate resources and training.
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    I bought it only yesterday, so there's not much to review yet.

    There is an upsell/OTO, at least if you start out with the full-price $47 package. It's $97. For that you get one extra affiliate product package per month, the ability to sort your preferences as to the type of product you will receive (still almost entirely make money online) since not every member gets exactly the same ones, a number of free points to various traffic systems, and PLR to the OTO page they use.

    The layout inside is easy to navigate. The emails/blog posts/articles they provide that you can use to promote your links are well written and appropriate for the medium, if sometimes lacking a bit of pizzazz. They do let you insert tracking codes into your links/banners as well so you can figure out where your traffic came from.

    The squeeze pages are slick. I signed up for the reports for all of the offers I have available using another email address and they were definitely appropriate for giving me some value and moving me along the sales funnel. I'll be interested to see what backend emails come up. There's a lot of clickbank pirate advertising going along with the rest of it, but it looks like if someone clicks on that a commission still goes to my account.

    I've not really done affiliate marketing before and I've always approached it mentally from the idea of you're talking about something else and you find a product that audience would like and put it in context for them. This is decidedly the other way around, unless you already have a list/lens/blog on making money online.

    I'm going to give it a solid try. It's self-contained enough to remove some of my stress but gives me enough flexibility that I feel like I can add value through how I choose to promote the products.
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    Yes it does come with the offer (oto) of upgrading to a higher number of themed packages per month. You don't need to take this of course, just gives you the option.

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    It's pretty late where I am so my brain is more fried than usual but I just cannot see what this all about.

    After reading the endless sales page I wasn't going to bother but clicking away gives you a $5 "try it out" option so I gave it a go.

    Received the email where it says,
    Access Packs

    This is where you access your turnkey
    system and their promo tools.

    So after logging in and clicking on "Access Packs" there are promo tools to sell their program, "Clickbank Pirate", as an affiliate and an Exit Pop program or system. They are promoting additional affiliate programs in the members area in the form of (4) 468 x 60 banners which is quite confusing as you don't initially know if it's a promo tool for the "turnkey package" or something they are flogging in the members area.

    It's the same for the Exit Pop package except there are 6 banners instead of 4.

    I am obviously missing something here because even allowing for normal exaggeration on the sales page I was expecting something more than a load of affiliate promo materials and an Exit Pop product. If I had paid $47 for this I don't think I would be too happy so please, put me right folks. Tell me the powerful strategy that is going straight over my head.

    Good Night Folks,


    P.S. This is probably one of those posts where you wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, check the thread and feel like a right dork because you really have missed the obvious!!
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    What are MMO products?
  • Profile picture of the author Adam Sussman
    Originally Posted by bestyet49 View Post

    What are MMO products?

    Make Money Online
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    Originally Posted by bestyet49 View Post

    What are MMO products?
    Make Money Online (MMO)
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    Hi Ademartin,

    Because you signed up for the less expensive trial you only start out with two packages to promote, CBPirate itself and apparently Exit Pop (those are randomized. I didn't get that one.)

    When I view the promo tools I see prewritten emails, articles, posts, tweets, signatures, and code for banners.

    Yes, I also see banners that say things like "blogging to the bank". These banners appear to be related traffic generating things that they are trying to sell to you and I was also confused by them at first. Just block out the pictures mentally and focus on the text if you want to see what promotion tools you have.

    I'm not planning on using much of the pre-generated text. I'm more interested in how they've already set up the squeeze page and report delivery. That's what I'm thinking is worth the $47 (if they're effective, of course). And then them doing follow-up for you is hopefully worth the $27/monthly.

    As far as I can tell the only way to see that part is to experience it. Click on your affiliate link at the very top of the view promo tools section. That way you can see the squeeze page like your customers will. Enter an email in order to get the report and see the rest of the process.

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