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Anyone have any input on clickbank pirate set to release Aug 4?

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    I've also wondered why I don't find much on Clickbank Pirate. I'd like to see what others say.

    It's probably not worth it or we would have heard a blurb at least.

    That probably means we are on someone's gullible list

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    Click away from the page and you will get an offer for the first month for less than $5 - as opposed to $47. Probably worth trying out at that price.

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    I was also wondering about the upsells or otos. Does anyone know?
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    It's very slick, but too soon to give a review. I'll try to give feedback after a couple of weeks of using.

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    You better ask Bobcath seems like he purchased it already, he should know.
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    I just bought it and I didn't see any OTOs.
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    I haven't bought the product but you will find most products come with upsells & downsells. Could be wrong here but by having ups & downs its a great way to add to your bottom dollar. Don't get angry at them for doing so.

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    I think it's a great program.

    Lots of affiliate resources and training.
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    Yes it does come with the offer (oto) of upgrading to a higher number of themed packages per month. You don't need to take this of course, just gives you the option.

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    It's pretty late where I am so my brain is more fried than usual but I just cannot see what this all about.

    After reading the endless sales page I wasn't going to bother but clicking away gives you a $5 "try it out" option so I gave it a go.

    Received the email where it says,
    Access Packs

    This is where you access your turnkey
    system and their promo tools.

    So after logging in and clicking on "Access Packs" there are promo tools to sell their program, "Clickbank Pirate", as an affiliate and an Exit Pop program or system. They are promoting additional affiliate programs in the members area in the form of (4) 468 x 60 banners which is quite confusing as you don't initially know if it's a promo tool for the "turnkey package" or something they are flogging in the members area.

    It's the same for the Exit Pop package except there are 6 banners instead of 4.

    I am obviously missing something here because even allowing for normal exaggeration on the sales page I was expecting something more than a load of affiliate promo materials and an Exit Pop product. If I had paid $47 for this I don't think I would be too happy so please, put me right folks. Tell me the powerful strategy that is going straight over my head.

    Good Night Folks,


    P.S. This is probably one of those posts where you wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, check the thread and feel like a right dork because you really have missed the obvious!!
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    Hello there, I'm new here at warrior forum. I found the forum here as I was actually researching a little into the cb pirate program. Thank you pearsonbrown, after reading your heads up I definately wanted to see what it was about, and for 4.95.. anyhow, I took the program and infact they gave me 2mth trial for the 4.95 so I thought Id come back and let everyone know, sure the heck never hurts to check out some thing new for 4.95, and the grief it would have cost me had I not just wondering, shudda couldda wouldda its well worth it! :rolleyes:
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    i think the system is great. you will have more time to send traffic to your site. I think you should give it a try.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Like Kent above I also found the original intro stuff far too hypey and it did put me off. Then when the launch came and I kept declining the offer I was finally shown the 4.95 one and thought "What the heck" does fit in with what I am trying to I subscribed. Best thing I've done this year.

    I found the bonuses worth far more than the original asking price per month. Either that or they were really geared for my level of learning which is also quite possible...but either way, I'm a very satisfied cat.

    I believe they have slid into a gap that was missing but unrecognized until someone (these guys) came along and filled it. When an average 'newbie' goes to CB they are confronted with a whole lot of data that many of us don't understand.

    Where on CB does it really explain the 'real' meaning/affect of what everything means? I haven't understood it yet and to find a system that utelises CB's full potential is a huge help.

    I think CB-pirate will be a good extra arrow in an intermediate or experienced marketers quiver because if they already know how to drive traffic properly, then they get a pretty cheap 'outsourced' revenue raiser with someone else doing all the work. Isn't that called leverage?

    If you are concerned and want to build your own list then there's absolutely no reason why you can't send them through your own squeeze page first if you want total control of your list. I will be doing that as soon as I have done some more work on my new website.

    As for them promoting their own product as one of the two for the 4.95 option....why wouldn't they? Makes perfectly good sense to me and I would expect to pay this small option price for my $5 intro offer.

    As for it being 1 of the 5 products initially offered, why wouldn't they be promoting their own new product into the market? I would, wouldn't you if it was your product?

    OK, I've decided it suits me well and I would honestly recommend it to many others who are in the same boat as me.

    Cheers all,

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    Hi Anthony and all,

    The products they are listing are clickbank products and it's not just products from the three involved in the project but there are other well known marketers who have contributed their products as limited bonuses that are truely worth having ~ if you can still get them?

    Like Beth, I'm not intending or expecting to make too much from signing people up to cb-pirate but what I'm wanting from the project is cb products that sell well and that come with value added content ....and as they provide the backend deals to follow up these contacts this is precisely what suits me right now.

    If all I have to do is to promote cb-pirate (which is a perfect fit for my new website anyway) while I actually build my new website ~ it's spot-on the money for my needs. The bonuses are really the icing on the cake :-) and they are sweeet

    Cheers all,

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    Is that the product that has the Johnny Depp pirate character on it?
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    I also signed up for the trial version of cb pirate. I have only had the product for a few days, but here are my first thoughts on it.

    There are a lot of pieces to successful internet marketing and I haven't got them all put together successfully yet. I know what all the pieces are and find getting my own package together an overwhelming task to take on. I like CB Pirate because it offers most of the pieces already in place. This gives me the opportunity to focus my effort on getting traffic. And learning all I can about that.

    I do see three problems with the system.

    1- Lack of control over the list – You are limited to only promoting what they want to promote. You can't see if messages are getting opened, links are getting clicked, and the worst part is that you lose the list when you decide to discontinue the membership.

    2- Limited Reporting – As I mentioned I can't tell what happens once the email is sent out. There is no tracking. There is a report on their site that shows how many people clicked on your links and the conversions. This is better then nothing, but I still feel like I am missing information that would help better focus my time and efforts.

    3- All the products appear to be MMO opportunities – Making money is a profitable niche, but also severely competitive. I was hoping to have some of these tools in other niches where I could expand my focus.

    All the tools they provide to help with marketing fit well with my limited time, budget and skills. I don't have to figure out a good package, create a squeeze page, come up with something to entice people into giving me their contact information, or write my marketing material from scratch. So far it is working well for me. I have already made my first sale and have a growing list of prospects. You of course don't have to use their squeeze page. You could setup your own squeeze page and then send the people to your cb pirate page. This could also reduce the reporting problem. Overall I am very happy with the product I received and I am making money with it so I would say it was well worth the inexpensive fee I paid so far.

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    Thanks Kari. I would buy this product if the squeeze page is promoting other that MMO niche.
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    Roger Fong,

    You've been a Warrior since 2004 and you don't know that you're not allowed to post affiliate links?
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    Yeah....clickbank pirate is pretty awesome. I joined it the first day and their were a few login issues but the problems were quickly resolved. It's a good deal and since it has a money back guarantee why not try it


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