Camtasia or Camstudio?

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Huge question, I know, but maybe you can cut it down into short relevant parts.

What's the difference between Camtasia and Camstudio?

I haven't tried either yet, but I see that Camtasia is a bit costly. Camstudio, on the other hand, was a free download I got from somewhere... one of those giveaways, maybe.

I'm thinking of doing some videos to sell/promote products so the program doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just something that enables me to do screen capture, add text and audio, insert images and allow viewers to click to view at their own speed, ie: it doesn't start automatically until the viewer clicks the run button.

The finished product would appear on a web page, just like the ones you see with Camtasia. It would have to be of sufficient size for people to view the contents. I've seen some videos that are quite teeny (about 2 inches square). Don't know what program created those.

Are there any glitches or shortcomings with Camstudio that you know about? Perhaps too big a file size, only works on certain platforms, etc. Or perhaps it's too complicated to use? Useful features missing?

Yes, I know. I could go ahead and start using it and see for myself, but I'm not ready yet and was hoping to get some feedback before I waste time with it.

Your feedback would be appreciated.


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    Sylvia, it has been a very long time since I used CamStudio, but I do have
    Camtasia and I don't recall Camstudio having all the features that Camtasia

    Let me put it this way. Camtasia is in my top 5 of purchases I've made as
    an IMer since I've begun doing this, so that should say something about
    the quality of the software.
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    My message is consistent with Steven's... Camtasia

    You get what you pay for... And with Camtasia, you can also quickly create an MP3 recording of the video to submit to podcasting sites for more traffic... or list building freebie.

    People are making millions with this software.
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    Hi Sylvia,

    You may want to take a look at another free tool that has been receiving rave reviews:

    I have not tried it myself, but it seems everyone who has tried it has only good to say about it.
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    My recommendation is to take advantage of the free download from Camtasia after that then try Camstudio

    I own Camtasia now, but started off with Camstudio

    They both worked to get a simple video done and some of my videos from Camstudio are still brining people to an optin page daily

    After you have used both of them only you can determine if making the investment is worth it

    the previous year Camtasia was offering version 3 for free but since then it has been halted

    Give the free trial a try then make the decision

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    Yeah, Jing is sweet for 5 minute vids. The drawback to it is that it's "live" - ie, no video record and then adding in a voiceover later.

    The one thing I didn't like about Cam Studio is that it didn't let me "set up" before it started recording. You'd hit the button and BAM there it goes, no delay or anything, so the Cam Studio display is still in the way and everything!

    Here's what I do, though - Buy Sony Vegas (you can get it on CD for like $70 - if you want purely digital, it's like $55) and then use Cam Studio. You can just edit what you create in Cam Studio, and then add in music, voiceovers, transitions/effects, all kinds of stuff. And that's still HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper than Camtasia.
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    Cam Studio is every bit as good as Camtasia for screen capture.

    For editing you already have Windows Movie Maker on your computer
    if you have a PC. I have Camtasia Studio 3 and, frankly, I don't see a
    huge difference between that and Movie Maker.

    Here's a better alternative... use Cam Studio for screen capture
    and get Sony Vegas for the editing... it's much better than either
    Camtasia or Movie maker and costs a WHOLE LOT LESS than Camtasia.

    You can download a full functioning free 30 day trial of Sony Vegas.

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    Let me go against the normal replies posted in here.


    if you are just planning to do a one time use of video creation, i will rather say keep your money, and use the free ones instead. Camstudio, or heck Windows Movie maker could do the trick. Another option is to use the trial copy, and remove it after your done in 30 days.

    If you still insist on doing a reliable and pro looking video creation, then outsource it off. Nowadays, things like this can be outsourced dirt cheap if you know the right place to look.
    There was once a Warrior who did this as a WSO but nowadays i will just give it off at freelancing sites.

    There is many ways to "slaughter the chicken", so i hope i gave you some ideas on how you can do it.

    Hope it helps
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    Sylviad, you can create an mp3 of your video. You need to get the A0A Audio extractor which extracts audio from many different movie formats and imports to mp3 etc. Very high quality and freeware...DVD to AVI, iPod Video Converter, DVD Creator, DVD Ripper. Now you can use camstudio and still get the benefits of an alternate format...
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    Hi Sylviad

    There is an excellent tutorial for cam studio on .

    Take a look at that as it shows you exactly how to download, optimize and use the program for best results.

    Hope that helps.
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    I use Cam Studio. If you decide to try it, make sure to use the settings Vince showed you. You will get horrible results if you don't change those.

    The default settings in Cam Studio are BAD. You CANNOT use it out of the box. But if you tweak the settings, you get very good results.
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    Vince, is the no sound due to the program not being able to rvord voice or to something else.

    I have never use movie maker on my computer. Anyone got instructions on how to do it?

    Great thread, thanks Sylvia

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    CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software (free) will work just fine for you.

    Don't be fooled into thinking you need camtasia. You don't unless you need some of its advanced features.

    If all you are doing is creating screen capture videos all you need is camstudio, a good flv encoding software, and a player to embed your flv video in your site.

    Camstudio is free, Flix 8 standard (flv encoder) is $39 from and uses the best flv codec in the industry, and you can use either JW player or Flowplayer as a free player.

    I own Camtasia.... but I prefer to use camstudio for my own screen capture because I know how to use it to get the best results :-)
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    Another great solution is CamStudio Pro. This is CamStudio on steroids. I picked up my copy online for $20. It comes packaged with a ton of features that make it compete with Camtasia. (Actually the Camtasia owners would know better about this part - but I think CamStudio Pro actually has new "web friendly" features that go beyond what Camtasia 6 can do) It's pretty clever how the author did this - mostly adding on 3rd party free or open source software to the menu so it's transparent to the operator. Also, has tons of free video tutorials on their website. I plan on using this for my next 2 youtube videos!
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    Camtasia all the way.....Forget Cam Stidio piece of crap
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    If your goal with these videos is to make money then I would highly recommend using Camtasia. It's what I use to make videos and it's a fantastic tool that I wish I would've purchased a long time.

    You try to create videos with no intention of making money then the free solution might be best.
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    I just completed a video course using cam studio for my day job to train the employees how to use a new site.

    It works great using Windows Movie Maker for the editing - the two combined are a professional free solution.
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    I think you can use MouseZoom that is a Firefox add on as well to zoom in. I haven't tried it but that is free also.
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    Well I just slammed my cursor down on a thanks button. Josh you are the first person ever to get 2 of them from me. I appreciate the enthusiasm and experience and the detail. So many posts around here are opinions one way or another without a lot offered to back it up but some of us are really interested in the why? part of it. Thanks again.

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