New Affiliate Cash System Reviews?

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Hi everyone

Has anyone heard of New Affiliate Cash System by David Michael? It offers a $1 trial and guarantee at least $100 within 48 hours in commission, if not he will fork out $100 from his own pocket.

It seems like the websites are already done and prepared and we just need to ride on them and wait for $ to come in when we managed to get referrals to have free trials of products by big boys like Victoria Secrets, etc etc.

Looks abit too good to be true. Anyone has any experience with this programme?

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    Why don't you search the Warrior Forum and also Google?

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      It's an interesting and compelling offer. Too compelling?

      After you click the get started for $1.00 button, you find out that it is $1.00 for 48 hours and then $47.00/ month recurring.

      Of course, if his guarantee that you will make at least $100 in the 48 hours is good and he delivers, the $47.00/month won't bother you.

      Feeling trusting?
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    go on IM report card. There are 33 reviews. Only 2 are positive. They gave it a grade of D.
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    This seems amazing stuff to me because it laid down the real methods. One who applies will make money and one who don't will never make money it is as simple as that.
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    Hello - I still would like to know if anyone has used this system themselves?


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