Profit Bank by Millionaire Society?

by diamohr 22 replies
Hi! Anyone tried the new Profit Bank program by Mack Michaels and the Millionaire Society? It looks like Mack is at it again but with new "software" he has created. Really curious on this one! :rolleyes:


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    By what I have read on other posts, Mack seems to be reliable.

    Only thing is that the sales letter seems as over hyped as crap being sold by other "gurus".

    I am interested on reading on what buyers and users of this "one click, maximum three clicks" autopilot system has to offer.

    He says that domain, hosting, content is included with this custom built software.

    There is an upgrade and membership included, but apparently, it is not necessary to earn from the system.


    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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      i'm so sick of these push button software crap and all the fake screen shots of their fake clickbank accounts ... oh and lets not forget the amazing price of $37 which i'm sure has several upsells in order to run the program or system ... i subscribed to his "millionaire society and might i say it was the biggest piece of garbage ever sold on the internet ... it costs about $150 per month and may have been the biggest scam i've ever seen

      i must i do get a huge chuckle listening to these self absorbed idiots always ranting about the "guru's" when they're equally as bad if not worse ... i would stay as far away from this scam as humanly possible
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    This is one of the most hype-filled sales pages I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot, lol
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      Absolute JUNK!!!
      Refunded right away.
      They give you a replicated site that promotes supposedly the top 3 Clickbank products.
      And of course the #1 is Millionaire Society. NOT!!!
      Then in their training they tell you to go an market on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. SOme automated software. NOT!!!
      And then to add insult to injury they train the NOOBS to market and not even their own replicated site.

      I can't believe Clickbank still allows these so called products to be sold.

      One Pissed off

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    Ok everyone, no need to panic... If you can get your money back, how is that a scam? If it's not for you, it's not for you and so be it. I've learned a lot from Mack's Maverick Money Makers and Millionaire Society, you just have to know how to take them, they tend to start with a high price and work their way down. My trust level in Mack is about 85% which is probably the highest I ran accross, although I give the WF's own Maverick a 95%

    Besides, ALL those $37 push button software are all the rage right now and that's how they get you. A low one time price to start off then a ridiculous upsell that costs in the 4 figures. Mack is also an online marketer like the rest of us and saw the profit potential and wants his piece of the pie. Those who are members of the club will know what I'm talking about. That's what online marketing is about, understanding your audience's needs, wants and giving them what they want and reverse engineer proven methods that are currently working and use it to your advantage. You wouldn't sell pumpkins in June would you?

    I must admit though, I don't know what's up with Mack but he really didn't try hard on that one and anyone who's been around the IM world for some time will know that the past two years, he wasn't struggling at all unless he's a raging crack addict XD Maverick Money Makers is one of the best MMO products to ever hit Clickbank and has a very low refund rate, compared to others. I'm not defending this software by all means nor will I buy into it and would not promote it either.

    TIP: Besides, $37 is the ASKING price, you can get it for $17... Simply click on the "X" to close the tab, you are then offered a $10 discount... Don't touch anything, let the page load, then click "OK" to continue, guess what, now you're geting a $20 discount XD That's the average price for any other WSO. This technique works on ALMOST all ClickBank product.

    Note on Software: 1 Click push button automated income software, well, that doesn't exist and never will. If someone has one that works, let me know cuz I'll buy 100 of them on the spot. I got some very powerful software in my toolbox and they have a hefty montly price and takes weeks to master them and most of them, a complete newbie would give up after a few hours because the knowledge required is too extensive anf if you screw up, then guess what happens to your website... The big G will give you the ultimate B.

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    I was sitting on this offer for some weeks now.
    Thank you team for the reviews on this forum
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      I heard in the next couple of weeks when all of these 1 , 2, and 3 click software tools that will make you millions become obsolete, there will then be a

      "NO Click Magic Software That Makes You Millions As Soon As You Hit The "Complete Purchase" Button"

      It's gonna be awesome.

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    what does the millionairesociety on click software do? Does it create backlinks? How does it generate traffic. None of the reviews will tell you what it actually does. You can now get this for one payment of $37. Anything that says one click screams SCAM. This guy should be thrown in jail. What a bunch of bs.

    Here is the whole story:

    you can start making money right away
    the money will just keep rolling in
    no hosting
    no domain name
    just one click
    you will make money
    stop buying into the lies
    the software will make you money
    the money will be bulging out of your pockets
    you will make a 1/4 million dollars every single month - all for $49.99 - Oh before you leave here is a $10 discount.

    Thanks for wasting my valuable time on your useless video.
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    I even emailed this mike guy who sent me the email and it is a fake gmail account that does not even exist. Scammmer!
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    I stay away from "quick and easy" anything. If it isn't value based than even if it does work to start with, it will get overused within a few days and will stop working.

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    I have done that months ago that Bacak is one of the Gurus who B/S more than any other!
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    I have to let everyone know that I have been actively following the so-called 'fool-proof' steps of Mack Michaels since the beginning of May 2011 and to date have not received one cent in commission despite a monthly investment of $116 for the Millionaire society and Aweber.

    Whenever I contact the support desk to try to establish whether there are things I may be overlooking, I am advised that I should refer back to the video training and be patient as results will come.

    I am all for staying motivated and being persistent when it comes to online success but I do feel that there should at least be some indication that success is bound to follow at some point, especially when money is being invested monthly on my part.

    I will definately not be getting my money back but I am certain that there are other programs that will deliver what they say ie. being a push button software. In my humble experience this program has not delivered for me what it says it would, despite several months of following instructions and being patient.

    I sincerely hope that others will however benefit from this software or discover a fundamental concept to make it successful which I may have missed.
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    waste of money i think
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      I want to thank everyone for their input. I have been wasting a lot of time promoting Profit Bank with no success. Will be putting my advertising effort to better use on something.

      Thank for being honest!!!!

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