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I got an email about Go Click Cash today. Watching the video raised all sorts of red flags but that doesn't mean the program isn't valid. Anybody heard of it or used it?
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    I purchased this product along with all upsells. The training videos are there for only the main product. One of the costlier products which is a WP plugin does not work. I have raised my concerns with the support about all these. I awaiting reply and its not yet 24 hours.
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    Bought it 2 days ago - hopeless customer support.

    Whats worse, when trying to close the download page after purchase, got the usual "don't leave yet pop-up message" that then went on to offer me a £7.00 discount on a product that I had just bought - not happy!

    The video tutorials are not very good. The video lags about 5 seconds behind the audio, so is really hard to follow. Whats more, sound slike it was recorded on a beach in a force ten gale - the guy needs a headset with a mic!

    Been trying to contact support ever since because you cannot log in to the software once installed. The support is not existent. Some folks been waiting 48 hours for a reply. Lots of people looking for refund.

    Lots of angry peeps on the support website, but don't take my word for it, read the comments for yourselves and then you decide.

    UPDATES ON Software Installation - Software Login - ALL OTHER RELATED Issues : Go Click Cash Support Help Desk
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    I bought this product to test.

    I just couldn't resist from the video - talk about selling the life style!

    In fact the best thing I've found about the product so far is the video!

    Tip: if you keep closing on the first page you'll eventually get $10 = $27.
    I bought the traffic plugin upsell (full version), I also closed the content upsell twice & eventually took the $1 trial. (Although I think it would be cheaper to outsource content creation separately).

    I didn't bother with the $197 reports upsell as PLR /MRR is readily available eslewhere (e.g. check PLR Assassion WSO).

    So what is the actual product about?

    I went through all the videos and it took me some time to work out what was going on.

    Basically the software is a convoluted way of setting up wordpress blog review sites.

    The initial set up is quite complicated. If you are a total newbie you'll have to be patient & work through it carefully. If you've set up SQL databases & PHP scripts before you'll find it a lot easier.

    The install bug mentioned earlier in this thread has apparently been fixed - but I can imagine a lot of technophobes having problems.

    If you spend the time to get used to the software maybe it can be quite a good way of setting up review sites and adding in Clickbank & Amazon products, adsense etc.

    But I do think there is easier ways and perhaps some simpler systems & plugins avaialble in the WSO section here.

    Go Click Cash certainly does not live up to the initial promise - 3 clicks and have money pouring into your bank account. But then I guess you didn't really believe that did you?

    Perhaps if you take the time to learn the system it may work but I have some reservations.

    I can understand how it can set the site up for you but where does the traffic come from?

    I realised this was the biggest drawback which is why I opted for the 30 day trial on the traffic plugin.

    But the instruction videos say nothing about this. They offer a version of the software with the plugin built in which you install, but they don't tell you anymore about - how it works or how to use it.

    I did notice hidden in one of the screenshots in the video it said 'Powered by SEOPressor' which is of course a good high priced plugin to help you optimise your page - manually. (There's a cheaper rival WSO version).

    But (and a big BUT) anybody knows anything about SEO & traffic there is lot more to it than building an optimised website.

    I have put in a support request and wait to see their response.

    There also seems to be a lot missing from their system such as keyword research, backlinks and all the rest of it.

    I have not tried to install the software yet - I wasted enough time on it and want a few clear answers before I put any more effort into it.

    Currently I look like getting a refund but first I will see what response I get to my support ticket.

    Currently I just don't see where the deluge of traffic is magically going to appear from.
    And the whole set up is way more complicated than advertised.

    I hope this review helps. I'll post an update later.
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    Whew!!! Thank you guys for taking your time to review this product, I am ready to take another "pay-day loan" just to get this. My wife will gonna be pissed again.

    But I am just wondering where the hell this old-man got his money to do that kind of video infomercial? Riding a private jet is expensive and having that nice little-bit-old chick in his room is intriguing. Hhhmm.
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    I don't get it... I've just receive this email...

    The Warrior Forum has given this product an Official A+ Positive Review (if it matters to you)...

    => link eliminated for obvious reasons

    This is a SUPER UNIQUE product and I guarantee if you take action -- You'll see the results.


    I read and read and still don't find the A+ review...
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    Are not automated content sites, like the ones he seems to be describing, now doing poorly because of Google's view of them? In other words, if this system draws content from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. as explained in the sales video, that would mean your site will offer nothing new or unique.

    I'm often suspicious of offers like this where the seller claims to be able to make $100,000+ in a snap whenever he wants, can do it repeatedly on the same day with multiple web sites, and is already a multi-millionaire - on auto pilot.

    Sorry, but to me it sounds "too good to be true".

    It sounds very much like another automated system which I tried (and returned) that got horrific reviews here a few months back. It was based in WordPress site building with traffic plug-ins and it didn't work very well either, and the support was less than impressive. Ok. Non-existent.

    Just sayin'.

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    I wonder what the FTC would have to say if they saw that video.

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