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Ok, this is being launched tommorow.

Commission Blueprint

There' wasn't a thread about it yet, and all the IM'ers are already wanging emails about left right and center promoting it so I figured I would start one.

You're probably going to get hammered with this as they are paying $40 per month recurring as well as the initial commision, so expect one hell of a lot of hyperbole from folks trying to sell it to you.

Please, before we start, we can do without certain folks on this forum telling us how amazing it is and promptly putting up their affiliate link to it, or a link to a blog/webpage which then has their affiliate link on it. Yes of course you think it's "amazing" ,and yes of course you're different to "other" affiliates and yes we understand your unbiased and just helping out, yada yada , but even still, I've added a link to it , we dont' need a million more.

Anyway, I'm watching the pre launch video right now, first thing the guy says about the Clickbank earnings he's showing is .. " you can't fake this stuff"... Oh really, soooo easy to fake.

He also doesnt' mention how much it cost him in Adwords spend to achieve the monthly Clickbank commisions..

Anyway, could be solid, let's see what a few Warriors feel after purchasing it tommorow, I'll probably grab it as I do all these things, just out of interest. I do get the distinct feeling this is going to be another set of videos explaining how to setup a PPC campaign, find decent CB products and create squeeze pages.
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    Personally any program that doesn't give its affiliates a review copy (most do) is not one I want to try and sell. or buy.
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    I bought it today as well, will keep you in the loop. The CB numbers do seem incredible.

    All the best


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      Originally Posted by Longie View Post

      I bought it today as well, will keep you in the loop. The CB numbers do seem incredible.

      All the best

      I don't quite get why everybody is getting hung up on those numbers without knowing the spend. Hell in 30 days time I could show a CB account showing 10x those numbers, they would be absolutely real but they wouldn't mean I was making any money if I spent more in PPC than the revenue I made from the sales.

      Not that I think these guys are playing loose and wild with the numbers , I'm just making the point the numbers are not that incredible, as it's based PPC predominantly, now if they were saying those numbers from organic, SEO, Bum marketing etc, then yeah that would be incredible, but via PPC its' all down to the ad spend in principle.
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    Judging from all the various comments, Commission Blueprints seems more suited for the intermediate marketer than the newbie.

    Ami right to say it is more focused on PPC to generate traffic => Review/Opt-In => Affilate Product.

    So is it worth the $97 to buy and learn the knowledge within?

    Please advise.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    The revival of this thread has pushed me to blow the digital dust off CB and get through the videos again. I'm currently suffering from serious overload. Paid, downloaded, put it in a file, watched & read some, then poof, off to the next project...

    Thanks for the great reviews and the kick in the right direction.
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    Just curious, how does the info in commission blueprint, compare to other adwords products, such as Chris McNeeneys Adwords Miracle?
  • Profile picture of the author Louis Raven
    Hmm, I haven't read all the posts here neither have I brought the product in mind.

    That being said I don't like jack of all trade products in which you have to master 2+ things. It's hard enough mastering (or even just not going broke) PPC let alone affiliate/direct marketing and putting it all together.

    I go to the pro's for each part of my business plan and usually replicate or learn what I can instead of thinking 20% of PPC knowledge and 80% of affiliate marketing = 100%. It doesn't!

    I bet Commission Blueprint is AMAZING, just not for me.

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      Hi there, Im just getting into IM after being out of the game for a couple years. I never did have much experience with Adwords, as most of my income came from Adsense.

      So far I've read Google Money Pro 2 and looking for some more good info before I start designing my sites and diving in.

      I am currently a full time student with a very limited budget. I am starting out with approx $100 in adwords budget and looking to build it up very slowly. In your opinion is this system beyond my budget? For those of you who have been using Com Blueprint, have you had any concrete results.

      I am also considering Google Nemesis, any feedback on that system?

      Thanks in advance, any help would be great.


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    Sergiel, i have used Google Nemesis for about a month. Basically it is an online software for creating review pages. It is hosted on owner's server. Btw, you need to provide your own CB login id and pw in order to pull data from your CB account using the software.

    The software is quite easy to use but the quality of the review page will depend on what content you put on it. I also find modifying the review page a bit restrictive and troublesome. There isn't a lot of control there.

    I think the software will also track the click through rate and keywords. I can't really remember as I have stopped using it now. I still prefer to host my own review page which i can modify freely.

    In term of review page, I think Comm Blue provide better quality review templates. As for the training, can't comment now cos I have not finish them yet. Still at the initial stage.

    But if I must choose either one, I probably pick Comm Blue.

    Actually, the best place to learn Adwords is still the Learning Center provided by Google.

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    Thanks everyone for saving me some pocket change.

    If PPC is your bag Perry Marshal is still my pick for training.
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    • Profile picture of the author econos
      I understand from another thread in this forum that Commission BluePrint and PPC Classroom 2.0 more or less deal and teach the same techniques.

      Has anybody here bought and studied both? Can I have your comparison please (in the sense the techniques taught by Commission BluePrint and PPC Classroom 2.0)?

      One of my known sources had bought Commission BluePrint and tried it on two products. So far he had spent around $900 in PPC during the last 25 days, but no success.
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    I'm thinking of buying this.Any latest opinions? Looks great but SpeedPPC will cost me $500. Yikes!
    • Profile picture of the author ldownload
      I am not yet comfortable with the PPC.

      I have tried before the Google Nemesis, but I unsubscribed already.

      Lesson learned from Google Nemesis: Review Site converts very well. Provide 2 to 3 reviews, then compare it to one another. It gives me good conversion.

      I still prefer FREE Traffic. BUT I am using the Affiliate Elite to SPY on my competitors' keywords and to know what WORDS should I optimize with my site.

      Affiliate Elite + On-page Optimization = Targeted Traffic

      Affiliate Elite is worth the price for its monthly fee.

      Now, I guess, I'll think about this Com Blueprint...but I am still afraid of PPC (a total newbie with PPC)
  • Profile picture of the author Colin Klinkert

    just like you I have both commblue and ppc class 2.0, I am going through Comm now and will start on classroom after that.

    So far Comm Blue has been ok, its very basic to this point, im up to video 8 or 9 i think.

    Will keep going as i get time and post a review here once ive got my staff on it

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