Does the help desk work?

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It's AndyHenry here. My usual profile got squashed when the forum changed over. It seems the email in the old profile wasn't one I have access to anymore.

Obviously with over 4000 posts from the last 4 years I don't want to lose the profile and I can still login to it on the old forum, I just can't edit it (to contain an email address that this new forum will accept for sending me a new password).

I tried the helpdesk but didn't hear anything back.

Does anyone know who can sort this? Are there moderators or help desk people for this new forum that can access the profiles?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Did you PM Allen or other moderators? I think they can help you on this.
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    Hi Andy,

    I replied and sent you a pass...I'll send you another by PM here to this username..

    Just a sec...
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    Luckily I updated the profile of the old forum last month, and added an updated email instead of one of a domain name I dropped, otherwise I would have the same problem.

    I think you can now contact Allen via PM and he should be able to help you with the new password for the new forum.



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