Do you use NextGEN gallery for your WP blog??

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I am looking for someone who's familiar with the NextGEN gallery plugin for WordPress.

I built a website for a restaurant using WP, and also installed NextGEN as it is highly recommended throughout the WP community.

Thing is: NextGEN hates IE 7!!! Okay, I hate it too, but the majority of surfers still use IE, so it's important that this glitch gets fixed!

Look here to see what I am talking about (use IE, not firefox!):

Szalma Csárda és Panzió Galéria

Any thought on this? Anybody know of a remedy?

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    What's wrong with it?

    I didn't see any problem with my IE7. (Vista SP1)

    Seree W.
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    OK, I see what he means, the position of the picture is off.
    When you click a thumbnail the picture loads a little down from the normal place and you cannot scroll down to see the complete picture.
    At least I can't,Im using XP Pro, SP3 with IE7 installed.
    • Profile picture of the author zsolt seems not everything is alright yet. What buffles me is why it works for some people and not for others. If it is something in the css file, the picture should appear toward the lower part of the sceen for everybody, shouldn't it? Why does it load fine in one IE and not in others?

      Let's see...I use XP Pro on both my computers. But the one at my apartment has SP3 installed, while the other at my folks' place still only has SP2 installed. The PC with SP3 loads the pictures at the wrong place, while the other with SP2 displays it correctly.
      But...could the new service pack be the source of this glitch? Seems unlikely to me, but we could test it. If the large pics display correct for those with SP2 and misplaced for those with SP3, then maybe it's time to write to the author of the plugin.
  • Profile picture of the author David Pankhurst
    Some things to check:

    -have you cleared your cache and refreshed the page?

    -are you using a different font size on the second computer - some WP themes break badly if the font is increased (via holding down the CTRL key and using the scroll mouse in Firefox, for example).
    • Profile picture of the author zsolt
      Unfortunately the problems lies somewhere else. Clearing the cash and refreshing didn't help.
      The font size is the same on both computers. Actually, the two PC are very much identical as far as system settings go, because I am quite picky about fine tuning the os to my likings. Do only difference I think thing about right now is the version of the service pack.

      I just checked the gallery from the computer in my office where they still use IE6, and it worked just fine.

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