Anybody selling a website ?

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I am looking to buy one established website
with decent organic traffic within IM niche.
I'd not be sad if the site also makes money .

I can afford to pay up to $15000.

There is no such sites for sale on
or, so I try here.

Please PM me if you have something to offer.

#internet marketing #selling #website
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    Look up Todd Walker (a member here) he's fairly established in site flipping and should know of some decent sites.

    Kindest regards,
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    You have a PM.
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    Some friendly advice. Don't overpay please. You are coming right out and saying the most you are willing to pay...that's not a good negotiating move.

    If the site is not making any money you should not be paying anywhere near $15, do a little research before you buy.
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    I have sent you a pm
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      Well, regarding the budget of $15000,
      that is the maximum I am willing to pay.

      Off course I am not going to pay so much
      if the site doesn't fit standard criteria for
      that price. I would pay so much only if
      the site has both good organic traffic and good
      monthly revenue.

      I think I will be able to estimate the site value based
      on site's overall quality, main subject, age, traffic and income.

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