Offline Newspaper Classified Advertising - Advise, Tips, Strategies, pros and Cons

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Hello Warrior members:

How are you doing?

I am thinking about dipping my toes (and money) into an offline newspaper classified project however this is a brand new venture for me so I definitely want to have all of my ducks in a row before I invest any cash in this.

Could you please share your experiences, strategies, tips, pros and cons concerning off line classified advertising?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much. )
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    Artgirl, what is your product/service and what is the demographic you're most after?
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    I've used classified advertising in newspapers and magazines before with success. However it can be a slow and expensive period to get your ad 'right'. The problem with many offline publications is the lead time for your ads.Many have anywhere upto a month before publication. Also when you start off many require payment upfront well before publication.
    However as I said I've found it can work well particularly if you target 'niche' publications.

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    Classified ads are great, like all ads, you ou can test should focus on your headline and the benefits you are bringing to your customer. However I feel that since you are starting out, its always quicker, cheaper and faster to test online. You can test online ad in 24-48hrs, with offline ads, anyting from weeks to months. Consider testing online before moving offline
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    Be sure to track your results and to calculate the
    return you are getting from each advert.

    If you include a URL.. include an identifier.

    If you give a phone number.. offer a unique coupon

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    In one former program I tested via Online Ads
    (Google Adwords) and then placed ad in local
    daily paper.

    Two days later ad ran and great response followed.

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    Thank you all for your knowledge concerning newspaper advertising. My goal was to expand my Google Adwords campaign to newspaper classifieds.

    If it works on Adwords it should be successful by targeting its targeted audience offline...correct?

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