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I have recently purchased a review site and have done some edits and changes to make it unique and implement some of the things I have learned in the WF like having a method to get to the affiliate site above fold. So if anyone else can give me suggestions on what I may need to change it would be much appreciated.

The link is EverythingRelationships.Info

I edited some of the copy and such myself to make it unique as well since there were some errors and such in it.

Thanks in advance,
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    Looks good, Sylvia, a couple quick recommendations-

    -I would insert something above each of the two screenshots you have up top, like a title and rating. Reason being is, they look a bit like banner ads to me when first looking at the page, and the obvious goal of review sites like this one is to give objective reviews.
    -You still need to edit your User Agreement/Privacy Policy/Anti-Spam pages, as they still show "ABC Company."
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      Thanks I was sure I changed what they said lol, will be sure to go change them now.

      Good idea with the stars too, will see if I can figure out how to add them in ( html tables are not my strong point)


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