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Do you guys use text link ads? I heard using them will get our website penalize by google and thus a lower page rank. Any help will be great.

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    You might find this article helpful:

    Buying Text Links - By Jill Whalen
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    I've used text link ads but find they are not very effective. It could be MY text that doesn't pull, but since Ive placed them in many venues, I just am not convinced they are the way to go.

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      I think that it is all in the way that you present them.
      If it looks like your trying to sell the reader something, then they're going
      to pick up on that but if you are well written and subtle, then I think they
      can be very effective.
      What you don't want to do is have 10 or 12 links in your article.
      That's simply over the top.
      In addition, the article directories will not allow it.

      I myself, only place one or two in a 500 word article and I do it so that
      it does not stand out.
      Say for instance, I was writing an article on web hosting.
      One of the sentences might look like this:

      ["Remember, when seeking a good web hosting provider, you want to make sure
      that they have enough band width,
      been in business for a long time and you will want to seek out good referrals,
      That's just to name a few of the things you want to look for"...]

      Keep in mind that this also applies to writing e-books.

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