URL vs. Domain Name: The Difference?

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Hi, everyone.

Okay, I've tried searching for an answer to this one here and on Google to no avail. Can someone clearly explain to me the difference between a domain name and a URL, using as little jargon as possible? In all the answers I've found using Google, the author uses different words to describe each of them but it still somehow sounds like they're talking about the same thing; that or they use terms that are over my head.

Thank you.
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    The domain name is the actual name of the website such as www.dogtraining.com while a URL may be any one of the pages within the domain such as http://dogtraining.com/products or http://dogtraining.com/contactme and so on.

    If I am wrong here I am sure some of the more experienced will point it out.
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    The way I see it, the domain name is just the name and extension of your site, like so:


    The URL is the actual address of the site or a specific page on the site, like so:


    That's just what I picked up. No idea if there are official rules about this.
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    A Url Or universal resource locator is your internet address domain name is the same thing your domain name is your internet address
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    The URL contains four parts: the protocol, the server, the path, and the resource.

    Your domain name is PART of the server portion. It may or may not be the whole thing - darklock.com is a valid server name, for example, and also a domain name. But mail.darklock.com is also a valid server name, and not a domain name.
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    Domain name and URL in some cases (few) are completely different, for example, a URL of www.the amphibian.com MAY have a site name called 'The Purple Frog'. As unlikely as that is, (good SEO would have a domain the same as either the site name or one of it's main keywords), it does happen.

    *If a many searched term is 'Christian Historians' the URL & Domain MAY be christianhistorians.com with a site named 'Onward Soldiers of Christ'. Etc.
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    The domain name is the overall name of the website while the url is the extended path.

    This of course is best explained by showing :
    DOMAIN : http://www.yourdomain.com
    SUB DOMAIN : http://subdomain.yourdomain.com
    URL : http://www.somedomain.com/your url
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    URL (Uniform Resource Locatar). URL is the actual address of the resource on the Net.On the other hand, Domain name is a component of URLs that helps identify their respective web pages. This is the basic difference between domain name and url.

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