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Dipping my toe into w2.0 (as I believe it's called...)

As a complete WP newb, would I be better to get myself going with WP from the WP site itself, or through my Hostgator account cPanel?

It seems there are many people getting quite a degree of success using WP, and as someone who's never really looked into it, I'd like to get something going.

Advice on tutorials etc, all greatly appreciated.
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    Use Wordpress.org and upload it to your hosting account.

    See if your host has fantistico deluxe. You can upload real quick with that.
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    Hi Ian,
    Check out the site in my signature.. Start off right with a secured wp blog..

    Full install secured simple as 1, 2, 3, video instrcutions and pdf instructions both...

    I fully recommend hostgator, just make sure you have a secured wordpress 2.6.5 along with it .. No need for fantastico..

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    A self hosted wordpress is the way to go mate.

    So, your hostgator cPanel is the one you should choose, IMO.
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    In your Hostgator cPanel you will see Fantastico. Use that to install WP with just a few clicks. That is the easiest way.
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    i agree with vegasman. use Fantastico....its pretty easy
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    Fantastico is a great way to get that blog going, let me know if you need any help with SEO or themes. I'm a WP fanatic. lol
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      I too am trying to figure out how to set up wordpress. I have Kiosk as my host. Would sure like some advice... Do you know how to install into Kiosk?
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    Hey Ian,

    You should definitely use Fantastico. Actually, I have uploaded a video response just for you to my blog...


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      Many thanks all !

      Jeff, that sounds like Chris Abrahams (?) on the link you supplied

      Just one thought; what is/are the advantages(s) of WP over a website, in terms of marketing strength and ability?

      Again, appreciate all your replies
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    Hiya Ian

    Yep if your host has cpanel that is definately the most easiest way to install Wordpress.

    The site in my sig might help you if you are new to Wordpress. I'v got some tutorials on there about changing themes and what plugins you might find useful.

    There is also some SEO tutorials for Wordpress on there too.

    Hope this helps

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    The best is to use a WP blog on your own web host. If you are using hostgator, just click on fantastico to install. You will be able to install a wordpress blog in a matter of minutes.

    Super easy!
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    Fellow-warrior Leanne King has written a superb multi-volume ebook about Wordpress for Internet Marketing. It covers everything from the first set up to advanced techniques.

    I bought it as a WSO a couple of weeks ago and was really pleased, even though I've been using Wordpress since it was first introduced (and even before that in its B2 phase.)

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    Agreed, cPanel is the fastest way to install WP.
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    I did mine with hostgator yesterday and i was up and running really quickly. If your unsure about it i have a free ebook about using wordpress with hostgator. PM me and i will email you a copy.

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