Paypal, i can't withdraw my money!

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Recently, i tried to withdraw my legal money from my account into my bank account in Indonesia, and i've got notifications from Paypal, we've detected an unusual activity inside your account.

Frankly speaking, i only open the paypal account from my own PC, and i've never open it from other computer. Never, because i only trust my own PC, it's free from keylogger, has an updated antivirus, firewall.. and i would like to say, there's no security breach so far. I can see from the log file of my firewall.

I think the problem came from my IP address number, since i was using a cellular network, so the IP is very dynamically changing. Well, paypal should think another way how to handle this. I am pissed! beside i can't withdraw the money, paypal cut off of my money about $ 2.. gee, i can buy a website domain, at least .info at go daddy.

I've got the money mostly from Fiverr, yes i am a graphic/header website designer. I've been working in IT for 12 years, so i fully understand about my own computer security.

So, dear master of internet marketing and the audience, do you have any suggestion beside paypal? what is the other services that's very secure and give tremendous satisfaction for me, especially for international users?

Sincerely yours,

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    Listen to me, i dont care what others have to say about this.

    Paypal is a damn scam, every time someone earns money with them they hit you with the fake limitation, and same message "we've detected an unusual activity inside your account"

    6 Months ago i did a product launch for a custom made Wordpress plugin and earned over 1400 in 4 days and they limited me, and made me wait 190 days to get my money back.
    So now i use paypal indirectly using 2checkout.

    And as far as getting your money back goes, if they haven't giving you steps to resolve the limitation that mean they banned you. but if you do have steps to remove the limitation just do the steps and withdraw your funds, there no other way to work around this unfortunately.
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    The best way is to contact paypal through email or call them.
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    Well, that is a problem only Paypal admin can solve. Try to email them. That is the best thing to do.
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    Call them and talk to them. They limit accounts for many reasons. If you had never taken much money out than they could think that it is someone else withdrawing the money. I know mine got limited because I pulled $500 out when normally I never pulled any out and just used it to buy stuff online. It got limited once because I normally only get payments of up to $50 and then someone sent $500. As soon as I called them the restriction was taken off within 48 hours.
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    These things happened when you withdraw a large amount. Paypal will ask some details to verify some details. Submit all documents and withdraw it again.
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    you can always try and contact paypal. They have a free toll free number so just give them a call and your account limits would be removed immediately.

    Also is your account verified ? Make sure you submit all the documents immediately when they ask you.

    One more important thing, never leave your money in paypal account. Keep withdrawing them on regular basis. As soon as I touch 160$ (transfer from paypal to bank becomes free) I send a withdrawal request immediately.
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    Yes I agree with iuditg, I am also doing that, I regularly withdraw my money in Paypal every week or every time I hit a $200. Paypal have limitations because its another form of Security. They don't want other people (hackers) to withdraw money from your account.
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    try to send a message to them asking to know the nature of activity that got you this issue

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