A Quick $2,000 by the Weekend...

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I saw another thread here by TomG who had a friend in need of earning some fast cash. And we've all seen threads on this forum where someone needs to make some cash real fast.

It made me recall a time when I needed the same. Sometimes all it needs is to think outside the box a little.

I was 19 years old ( loooong time ago now) and needed some cash to buy a second hand car I had my eye on. Here's what I did...

I went to the local car auction and having been there before I saw that the auctioneer was standing up there on his dais while all these guys stood in front of him. I got to thinking that the wall behind this guy was just a blank wall with paint peeling off etc. real scruffy.

I approached the owner of the car auction place and offered to put up an advertising board behind the dais. It would advertise local businesses and in the centre of the board would be a shiny brass clock, with the name of the auction, phone number etc underneath as one of the ad spaces on the board. 'OK, how much would this clock cost me?", says the guy.

I was a bit dumbstruck because I was prepared to cut him in on a percentage of the ads, but I just told him I would do it all for free for him and he'd have a much more professional and presentable backdrop for his wall. He agreed.

Next step was that I went to the local tyre shop and told the owner that an ad board was going up at the local car auction in a couple of weeks and only ONE local tyre depot would be allowed to advertise on it. $25.00 a spot or $40 for a double spot. He snatched my hand off (most car auction cars need new tyres right?).

Next stop was a florist (it happened to be the next shop I came to in the block). "Why would I want to advertise on a board in a car auction?", says the woman. "Well, the place is full to bursting with guys twice a week", says I. "All these guys have wives or girlfriends, who have birthdays, or they get a bunch of flowers 'cos the guy was late home etc". She took an ad spot.

By the time I covered two blocks I had the spots sold. I also had cash and checks in my hand... in advance!

Then it was just a case of buying a couple of plywood sheets, painting them white, buying the stick on letters and dividing up the board into the separate ad blocks. I paid a friend, (who was a bit more nimble fingered than me) to put the lettering on the board. Bought the clock from a second hand store. Installed it at the auction a week later.

The auction owner is happy with his freshened up backdrop, the local business owners are happy and feeling a bit smug that they are the only business of their type on the board. I'm happy becuase i've got my dosh! And quickly. And I was paid in advance. Bada Bing!

I could have driven to the next town (in my 'new' second hand car) and done exactly the same again, but I kind of moved on to other things.

A quick $2,000 bucks by the weekend. Easy if you just think outside the square a bit!

And, of course you can go back a year later and see if the advertisers want to keep their spot on the board for the next 12 months or lose it to one of their competitors....So, another $2,000 in your sweaty little hands! [;0]

Anyone else got a story like this they'd like to share?

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    Fantastic piece of entrepreneurship...except for not following through and either hiring someone to run this for you or selling the business on to someone else.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
    • Profile picture of the author Jose Delgado
      Great Story!

      Now THAT is thinking outside the box!

    • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
      Good points Andrew, but hey, I was 19 and still had a bit to learn :0) (I've learned a fair bit since then)!

      The point was that I wanted something, so I devised a way to get it by thinking outside the box, instead of just sitting there wishing I could have it.

      Who was it who said "Most people are too busy earning a living to make any real money"?

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    Originally Posted by Roy Carter View Post

    And, of course you can go back a year later and see if the advertisers want to keep their spot on the board for the next 12 months or lose it to one of their competitors....So, another $2,000 in your sweaty little hands! [;0]

    Anyone else got a story like this they'd like to share?

    Was going to say... has continuity written all over it.

    It's like stealing candy from children.

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    Hi Roy,

    Great case study...

    Can I share this with my subscribers and even include it in my ebook
    with a link back to your site? Please advise by sending me a PM

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    One summer several years ago I was working for my friend that has a campground and swimming pool complex. I was in charge of the grounds and whatever other jobs that needed filling in during the day.

    One day, one of the campers mentioned that they had a SNO-CONE machine they wanted to sell. It was $500 but I figured there had to be some way to use that sucker.

    So I told my boss I would set everything up, hire and pay my own help and give him a third of the profit in return for the ice and a prime spot. He agreed, so I spent about $40 on a cheap tarp like tent and a table and well...

    Talk about selling snow balls in hell! The week of July 4th I cleared over $1600 and never touched the first sno cone!

    • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
      Hi guys,

      Mason - Just sent you a PM

      Stephen - Nice one! Being the man in the middle of a deal is something I do a lot of, both online and offline. Put the deal together and watch while you make money. Nice story.

      Any other case studies like these from other warriors?


  • Profile picture of the author Scott Murdaugh
    @Tim: I'm an Air Force vet too...

    I've made a few killer deals on Craigslist...

    Bought a ton of these old player piano rolls for around $300... Resold on CL and Ebay for over $3,000...

    Bought a Jeep for $500 (Talked the guy down from $1,200)... Resold for $1,600...

    I actually have a ton of these stories.. Offline and online. That's pretty much how I made a living throughout my early 20's... (I'm 26 now, so it's not too long ago.)

  • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
    Good stories guys...keep 'em coming!

    In the present economic climate these stories of making money quickly may just allow people to take an idea and run with it in order to make some fast cash.

    • Profile picture of the author bizsolutions
      Just finding this now, may be a bit outdated, but gives me inspiration! Thanks for starting this thread!
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    Just got to read the thread, great stories, inspiring !!
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    • Profile picture of the author warriorwoman2011
      Originally Posted by sensei majid View Post

      Please keep the discussion related to the topic. Thanks.

      Hey roy,

      Great story. Personally I wish I had such stories to share

      Keep it up
  • Profile picture of the author protectyoursales
    Unfortunately, I don't have any super cool stories like that outside of the usual...Running a lemonade stand, garage sale, neighborhood fair, etc out of my front yard as a kid...Gave me a good history of advertising and selling to start in IM doing door to door offline SEO services. Some people just like selling =)
  • Profile picture of the author smallbizlifeline
    Thanks for sharing your stories.
  • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
    Looks like this thread of mine suddenly got noticed again

    Glad you guys like it and I hope it inspires some more warriors to share their own stories.


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