How much to charge for an ad on my site?

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I've just received a request to have an ad placed on a page on my site.

The page has Google PR 3 (homepage of site=PR4), and receives 713 pageviews per month according to Google Analytics.

For its main keyword it ranks 12th on Google :s

Main keyword CPC = 0.65 USD (according to Google Keyword Tool)

How much should I charge him? o_O
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    I would charge a minimum of $400 yearly or $50 monthly for a text link for a relevant PR 3 page
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    Hey there.
    Can you send me a pm with the site.
    I what to see more about it before I
    can tell what's the best price.

    However, the rates provided by Patricia
    are good.
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    $400 a year for an ad on a page that receives less than 1000 pageviews a month? That seems a bit high to me.
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    lol its worth what someone is willing to pay.

    I have a site that gets 30,000 visits a month and you take what they want to pay :-) some are awesome and some are a little less....


    PS but for a site that gets that little traffic I would laugh at you if you told me it was $400
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    depends on the size of the banner or ad they want...$50/month sounds fair especially for the kind of traffic that you're getting, but give them options like maybe one as cheap as $15/month but for something small like a 125x125 banner, etc.
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    It depends on the style and of course the size of the ads.
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    I've paid around $750 to advertise on sites before per month but they were huge traffic hitting sites.

    Your niche is... very niche so maybe for them it's worth it and is more about the subject than the amount of traffic...

    I would charge them 3 months upfront, so do a deal with them. Maybe $200 for 3 months (pretend it's $100 per month). That way you get some income straight away and also it means they're up there for 3 months without you having to convince them to stay again month after month - that can take a lot of work in terms of emails/calls etc.

    Make sure you get the money upfront - otherwise DON'T DO IT!!
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    This subject is getting silly. This is the third thread where people have been telling the OP to quote ridiculously inflated figures. This raises the OP's expectations and means that they simply won't get paid at all.

    Take a look at this thread

    and this thread

    Look at the difference between the inflated figures that posters was quoting and how much was ACTUALLY paid.
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    @snow_predator By any chance, did you receive the offer from a French agency?
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    Anything less than 10,000 visitors per month can't be considered more than $20/month!!!

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